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    suPHP no longer working after custombuild update

    Hello, This night I did an update of the entire server to run CentOS 5.3 Rebooted and all came up fine. Then, Custombuild had a message that freetype was outdated. so I did a ./build update and then ./build update_versions to see the update go through. I then did ./build php n as suggestion...
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    Two different values in DA cron doing the same thing

    Hello, Inside "/etc/cron.d/directadmin_cron" I see: * 4 * * * root echo 'action=tally&value=all' >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue 20 4 1 * * root echo 'action=reset&value=all' >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue When issuing both the of the above, they both seem to launch...
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    Issues with updating Squirrelmail with Custombuild

    Hello, I'm having issues updating SquirrelMail to the latest version using Custombuild. ./build update ./build versions ./build update_versions Nothing happens issuing these standard commands, and the continued output from ./build versions is: Latest version of phpMyAdmin...
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    Migration from another harddrive

    Hello, I had a server crash on me and need to migrate the data for the users from a secondary harddrive mounted on the new machine. What is the best way to go at it? What should I think about in terms of email (especially with aliases), mysql databases, named (well, dns settings) etc...
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    How to fix permissions

    Hello, What are the scripts to fix data permissions to files related to directadmin users? (Such as email, webfiles or if possible all files belonging to a user or the entire home directory.) I remember there being something like this for email at least, but I can't remember where I saw it...
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    Libtool update fails

    Hello, There are some updates out for CustomBuild, though the update of Libtool fails. # ./build update_versions Updating libtool File already exists: libtool-2.2.6a.tar.gz MD5 Checksum on libtool-2.2.6a.tar.gz passed. Found /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/libtool-2.2.6a.tar.gz...
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    Update to Bind?

    Hello, I have seen that there's some kind of DNS (protocol) flaw out there [link], and I've seen that BIND on other systems update (via yum), however not Bind on a DirectAdmin box (CentOS 4). The exclude (in yum.conf) has this in it: apache* httpd* mod_* mysql* MySQL* da_* *ftp* exim*...
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    "Easy" way to replace all ssl-certs on a DirectAdmin system?

    Hello all, I'd like to state a question regarding SSL-certs used by components of DA; Where are all the certs found? (I have also installed Dovecot for pop3/IMAP) Is there a script to update all certs with? (Thus the term "easy" in the topic :cool:)
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    Choice for Jailed shell inside of DirectAdmin's web-interface

    Hello, Per request from smtalk, I here-by put in a request regarding being able to choose between "regular" and "jailed" for a user's (or reseller's) shell-access from within the DirectAdmin web-interface. [Link] This would help a great deal as far as administrative work on servers with...