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    Enable SSH all users

    Hello all! I've been busy with my servers and i want to enable SSH for all users (Cloudlinux + Cagefs). To do this i've been wanting to enable it for all users in bulk. for this i've used: files=`find . -name "user.conf"`; for file in $files; do sed -i $file -e "s,ssh=OFF,ssh=ON,g"; done...
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    no version information available

    Hello! Since 3 weeks we're running on CloudLinux. At this point it's running fabulous but i've been struggling with one issue since the installation. Everytime a Cronjob gets executed i get the following message. /opt/alt/php56/usr/bin/php: /usr/local/lib/ no version information...
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    MySQL InnoDB

    Hello, Just a quick question. On one of my servers i have in the /etc/my.cnf the following values # Uncomment the following if you are using InnoDB tables#innodb_data_home_dir = /var/lib/mysql #innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:10M:autoextend #innodb_log_group_home_dir = /var/lib/mysql # You can...
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    InnoDB error

    Hello all! For one of my customers i'm hosting a VPS with a few wordpress news sites on it. (3 cores @ 2.4ghz, 4GB ram) But now i'm having a issue with it. I can't seem to find out why it's happening. This morning i fixed a few crashes by reducing the max amount of connections in Httpd...
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    Gmail problem

    Hello, At the moment i have the problem that emails to gmail accounts are bounced with the message that mail is classified as spam. I've looked at the blacklists and i'm not blacklisted. What are the steps to solve it? Regards
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    Multiple PHP versions beside each other.

    Hello Everyone, I know it's possible to install Php 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 beside each other on the system. How can i achieve this with CB2.0 At the moment i have 5.4 running with Mod_ruid2 And wants to run everything with mod_ruid2. If that's not possible what is a good alternative without suPHP...
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    query hangs

    Hi all, One of my users has a few queries in his php script that are freezing. And keeps running so if i dont kill them at night they are running for a few hours. Is there a way to auto kill queries that are freezing? I cant suspend the user at this time so that is a problem.. Thanks!
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    NginX Proxy Apache and Caching

    A few days ago i installed the nginx proxy for apache with the Howto from alex. Now i have a further question about nginx and caching! Is the standard nginx caching good enough or is it better to use another caching program. (Like APC / Memcached / Varnish) If it is the later of the two...
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    Plesk migration to DA

    Hello community! I've looked around a bit on the forum if there's a simple method to migrate a plesk server to DA but the topics i found are from the period of 2008 - 2010 that's 3 a 4 years ago. Have somethings changed in the meantime with the migration method (plesk -> cp -> da)? I don't...