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    Can't install eAccelerator on PHP v5.2.8

    Have anyone can install eAccelerator on PHP v5.2.8? I try to rebuild eAccelerator after update the version of PHP from v5.2.6 to v5.2.8, but the apache can't start when i install the eAccelerator. I see this error in apache error log: PHP Warning: [eAccelerator] This build of "eAccelerator" was...
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    [MySQL] Reset root password

    Hey, i forget the root password of mysql, how can i reset the password? When i use # /usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password 'new-password' to reset the password, it show an error..
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    Add port for smtp?

    Hello all, How can i add another port for the smtp server? (default port 25) How can use port 25 and port 26 for the smtp server? Some ISP will block the port 25 to limite the user can't use another smtp server. Thanks
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    How to pass hotmail..? I follow the script already, but also can't send the mail to hotmai..
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    APC 3.0.19 Released

    APC is a free, open, and robust framework for caching and optimizing PHP intermediate code. * Move expunge callback groundwork to 3.1 (Rasmus) * Fix fd-leak (Gopal) * Fix double-free on builtin functions (Gopal) * Initial PHP 5.3 support (Gopal)
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    Can't install eAccelerator?

    # cd /usr/local/src # mkdir eAccelerator # cd eAccelerator # wget # tar -xvjf eaccelerator- # cd eaccelerator- # export PHP_PREFIX="/usr/local" # $PHP_PREFIX/bin/phpize # ./configure...
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    DA useage many ram..

    In DA system page, the free ram only have 2xxxxkb, but i have 2GB ram.. In MRTG's Memory Usage page, the max used only is 5xxMB.. what is the problem? OS:CentOS4 DA:1.31.5
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    The Exim can't stop

    When I try to stop the Exim server, it always start. Help me please.
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    Apache always reboot??

    My server always reboot the Apache , why?
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    How to updata the FreeBSD?

    see the topic.
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    Mysql can't work

    HELP!! The MySQL can't connect since I updata everything. I follow this page to do. When i finish, the MySQL show error.
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    log problem

    Have any way to kill all the log? because the log used my server a lot of MB.