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    Error creating the database

    Got this error: Error creating the database Details Unable to create database usrphoto_php001. Can't create database 'usrphoto_php001'. (errno: 28)
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    NFS statd won't start

    Yesterday the server which is running Red Hat 7.3 ran an update for Direct Admin which is a web hosting control panel. While it was starting this is what happened: Loading system font: [ OK ] Initializing random number generator: [ OK ] -Nothing...
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    dev/hda7 FULL

    /dev/hda7 256667 243510 0 100% /var I have my linux on a console mode not visual (KDE). How would I delete the logs or set it so it could delete the logs it self? Thank You, Roman
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    exporting files from telnet?

    Hey, I am trying to export the database files off the old hard disk by putting them in the ftp folder and downloading them. I got an error: 550 mantis_bug_file_table.MYD: Permission denied. Is there an easier way to get the old database (download them) and upload it back on to the new server...
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    Database Files PHP

    Hi, I was wondering which dir the databases are kept in Linux. Roman
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    Billing paid DA not working

    Money was drawn from my paypal account... But my direct admin is not working! Paypal email: Direct email: Thank You, Roman
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    Some thing new??

    Hi, I was thinking about 2 things that could be add to direct admin 1.175? -When you create and new user (account) there could be an option for an expirtion date of the account. -And a way to connect the web traffic stats onto the site easier. Thank You, Roman
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    a client of mine wanted to put up a database that was 7 Mb but the mysql couldn't handle it... what could be done about that? Thank You, Roman
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    Named Stopped

    Hi, I was wondering why I couldn't go to my site I restarted the server a few times but the Process name (named) wouldn't start, it would always ***Stop***. I try restarting it from direct admin but it would give an error: The following error has occured...
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    Getting Web Mail from Direct Admin to Out Look

    Hi, I was wondering how I would get my email(s) from direct admin (UebiMiau) to Microsoft Outlook?