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    DirectAdmin 1.60.0 has been released

    Fixed in 16.0.1. Thanks
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    DirectAdmin 1.60.0 has been released

    Hello, There is no apache from the result of ls -la /home/ but id -u apache still return the UID 996 btw, I'm using CloudLinux
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    DirectAdmin 1.60.0 has been released

    I dont have user "apache", I removed that line from directadmin-ips.conf, but every time run "./build rewrite_confs" it reverts.
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    DirectAdmin 1.60.0 has been released

    hi, After updated to v16.0, nginx cannot restart. nginx: [emerg] open() "/usr/local/directadmin/data/users/apache/nginx_php.conf" failed (2: No such file or directory) in /etc/nginx/directadmin-ips.conf:17 I'm using nginx_apache web server.
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    Fresh install error

    Hi, Just got new CentOS 7.6 server and do the installation with those settings: - php 7.3 fpm, nginx_apache after installed, nginx service is unable to start, checking the log get this error: 2019/09/05 16:14:06 [emerg] 13341#0: unexpected "}" in /etc/nginx/webapps.hostname.conf:11 open...
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    Multi DA same IP

    Hi, DirectAdmin is base IP licencing, so is it legal to install 2 or more DirectAdmin on the same IP (server) using container technology?
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    nginx_reverse remote and server IP are the same

    Hi, I config my server to use nginx_reverse, and my php code which does log user IP to database. Recently, I notice all users have the same IP, so I checked found that php $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] return the server IP. This works fine before, my CB settings are...
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    admin backup all users < xx GB

    Hi, I would like to suggest the feature to backup all users which < xx GB.
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    CentOS 7.4 (1708)

    Hi, After update my 3 servers to 7.4, letsencrypt does not work. Get this error: "Getting challenge for from acme-server... Error: is not reachable. Aborting the script. dig output for IPv4 Please make...
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    change Warning: The system load threshold

    Hi, I want to change threshold, is it possible and where to modify it? Thanks
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    DirectAdmin backup: Got packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet'

    Hi, I config my server to run daily backup, recently I get this error: I increased "max_allowed_packet" even to 1G but does not work. Any help ?
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    Merry Christmas & happy new year for all forum members!!!

    Love, joy and peace are the ingredients for a wonderful Christmas. We hope you find them all festive season. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
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    [Sale] DirectAdmin Lifetime License

    01 DirectAdmin Lifetime License for sale. Price :sold Thank you.
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    lan_ip: nginx-vhosts.conf missing for SSL

    Hi, My server is run on LAN/NAT with nginx and I follow this guide: Then I can access, but not I check nginx-vhosts.conf: server { listen; # <= this is server public...
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    CloudLinux update overwrite iptables.init

    Hi, I follow this guide to have block_ip on my server: And every time I run: yum update to update my cloudlinux server, the file /usr/libexec/iptables/iptables.init is overwritten by cloudlinux. I have to download again from DA. Any suggestion ?