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    PCRE with JIT support

    Release 8.20 21-Oct-2011 So I propose to add it to custombuild script and replace: ./configure --enable-utf8 --enable-unicode-properties with ./configure --enable-utf8 --enable-unicode-properties --enable-jit This is specially useful when using mod_security2 because compiling it with PCRE JIT...
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    deny in .htaccess doesn't work for PHP-FPM

    When using PHP-FPM with DirectAdmin the "deny from all" option in .htaccess doesn't work for PHP scripts. It works for all static files besides PHP scripts - php scripts open even when the user should receive 403 Forbidden due to "deny from all".
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    I know that there is already some IPv6 support implemented in DirectAdmin but it's still in alpha. The how-to at helps a little bit but still adding IPv6 to all accounts on the server is a pain and actually without special shell scripts it's hard to...
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    Greylisting anyone?

    I'd like to configure my DA server to use greylisting in Exim. I know it's planned to be included in future releases of Spamblocker but does anyone use greylisting already with Directadmin? How do I set it up manually in the way that will work with DA config?
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    Apache restart causing problems

    Every now and then when Directadmin restarts Apache in order to update httpd.conf the server is unavailable for a few minutes. The same is when I use 'service httpd restart'. The server needs few minutes for loading all users httpd.conf files (almost 300 files). This is getting very irritating...