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    CustomBuild: ssl_configuration=intermediate setting will now also drop TLS 1.1 and older for exim and dovecot

    @all Please do your Customers if possible a favour to advise them howto make windows 7 and older outlook using more secure TLS 1.2, this should be done long before today is already possible since i think 2016 or so. So lot of those Customers have a kind of lacking doing updates for security it...
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    Key exchange 'ffdhe3072' or even 'ffdhe4096' instead of own created DH 2048 , 3072 while is not safe enough anymore, and cipher order preference

    Wil try on centos8 test.. in about some days , no time now sorry. , but post here result ofcourse. NO not wanting Nginx , have to learn more then i can handle for now with all other things that must run and updated on servers . ;)
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    CustomBuild: ssl_configuration=intermediate setting will now also drop TLS 1.1 and older for exim and dovecot

    Look at the port for sending, try to change port ( 587 , 465 and 25...) and some settings for those then for testing on that outlook clients , write down results . messages / log files DA server. Maybe with those results someone here could help you. But OK you can have the clients with some...
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    Windows 7, Outlook 2007 Exim cipher suite

    You can have a look at the microsoft site's to change some to more modern / more secure. that is second best solution. If not updating OS or OUTLOOK. ( The best solution) The " worse" solution is let DA Server on old....
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    Weird connectivity problems on Centos7 / DirectAdmin

    NEW clean setup or migrated one from one of their other company's / hosters?
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    rspamd problem

    So solved but still don't understand why it was running and stopped today after updating with missing dependencies. Used this topic on server missing was: perl-Net-DNS perl-NetAddr-IP perl-Mail-SPF...
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    rspamd problem

    I don't understand all was running before the 14 updates i did today in custombuild gui now i get
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    rspamd problem

    If i do: then message changed spamd from spamassssin to spamassssin but with build a lot of error not finding dependencies ( to much i have only printscreens saved ) i wil will first try updating centos 1905 to latest then come back if i have more time here.
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    rspamd problem

    U i didn't find it there but should? because worked before update. only find /usr/locale/directadmin/custombuild/configure/systemd/spamassassin.service in custombuild 2 gui however it is on ( spamassassin bleu) Change this to no and then back to spammassassin didn't help
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    rspamd problem

    U sorry ;) ( did forumsearch on spamd and didn't read very well ..) Error restarting service spamd : uid 0 gid 0 : /usr/bin/systemctl restart spamd.service >/dev/null 2>/dev/null : returned 5 did updates with latest Custombuild GUI rev 2379 @smtalk
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    rspamd problem

    I did today updates exim , directadmin 1.601 and some more on CENTOS 8 BUT have problem: ( sorry don't have enough time now but there should be something wrong so i paste the error message) Before updates it was running Cannot find the script in /etc/systemd/system...
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    how can i build php with MS SQL support

    UH a online server with PHP 5x ? even worse 5.4x :eek: for php 5.6x there are backported security updates for some repo's i mean my reply well... pdo is better ok... yup
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    Warning: The system load average is 26.5

    @r3chn3r Sorry didn't read all but: These loads are spikes? Which times / dates ? Are you in NL with a hosting provider using some backup scripts / possibylities from them? If yes then maybe , while we did have those a few times now to. ( i suspect some changes there) DA BACKup"SCRIPTS"...