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    Please let us have all some consens about those important things and terms.

    Here is one off the reasons why i started my post. Please read article yourself and some links there. So we have to deal with this while yup some technical terms are going to change. My view on this all even if those are technical terms not having related to any of such, changing those to...
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    I suspect I've been hacked

    OYEA when admins are hacked, lot of times their computers/devices for access the DA BOX in use are hacked or Phised. So check that to ofcourse. If you have a DA License then maybe DA support likes to help you and find out to see how you box is hacked, so please try to ask DA support.
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    I suspect I've been hacked

    So if you only suspect but can't find not knowing enough. Maybe a good idea to ask your hoster or Directadmin or someone who does for support , while if realy so going on with a hacked box hurts you and clients on it longer and more worse.
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    LetsEncrypt 2.0 with 70+ dnsproviders, ready for testing

    HIHI Peter with ACTIVE* he means the user ACTIVE8. :ROFLMAO: Or is your question not a reaction on post from Kadek_mentik then i 'm ... :whistle:
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    Email Login Problem with Mail Clients

    For Support here better also post your: OS, versions of all that software and log files content? Can't help but this is important. Look at errors and error messages at both side and post here. ( TLS version and used cyphers ( settings) and so on. You can also create new test emailadres then...
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    Domain Already Exists?

    Open new topic with also your OS used and version information that would help the ones here trying to help you.
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    Reseller main domain name

    Ok OK You have a GUI / UX yes or no like it or learn to work with this. Also there are help files and docu. Other software needs mostly a other aproach and getting used to it is then also a normal thing. ( and if one is used to it then normally problems are gone, if not and for more users...
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    Urgent problem with LetsEncrypt failing to renew certificates

    Emailadres / user for that letsencrypt domain account in DA working searcg Forum SMTALK did write react on kind of the same her for a while ago. If you have ther none, a not working or maybe even admin email but not sure because not in my mind to remember all. ( the letsencrypt needs...
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    Please let us have all some consens about those important things and terms.

    Uh what i find is look at some other Races as AMAZON indians, and Uyghurs for example. So yup please don't put one color or race "upfront or as more important" in the battle against it , also older people, women and sexual gender and lot more.
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    Please let us have all some consens about those important things and terms.

    UH a 0 =- "NULL" could be curse, name, invective, swearword also in NOT IT related context i know if someone say's about some you are nothing more then a NULL could hurt , even more then some coloured terms. So please keep things apart for the context and meaning it should have!
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    Please let us have all some consens about those important things and terms.

    Yea but howto react if instances , governments decide to rename such terms, that is why i did post the links here. Neutral is easy to avoid conflicts, even as blackhat seo / hacking has totally nothing to to with colored people and so on, pff why such "overreactions" in my view for these now...
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    Please let us have all some consens about those important things and terms.

    Ok sorry to bring in this. I guess / expect however it becomes a problem if there is no consensus here at DA and Forum about which yes or no and how to use in Future. While at other places changes takes place. ( Black, white grey things and also MAster slave in IT related need some workover...
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    Licence Issue

    I think for support here you have to post what things?
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    web mail in outlook

    Ask for that internet connection the ISP if port 25 is blocked. Also you can see in your server/vps if port 25 is allowed or ask hoster. It is much more safer to use other ports with tls / encryption .