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    A raid attack against Nginx

    YUP: How many Millions...$$$$$ ?
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    SFP howto manuals and procedure to old?

    Read here why spf as directadmin does it now is maybe a to old way todo it? While this document from August 30, 2017 For example: In this howto and probably more.
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    DKIM option and DNS suggestions if user set on NODNS

    See here more over DKIM key rotation secure!
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    Passwords for DirectAdmin

    Create Support ticket, to be sure it is you who have rights ( license) and access for that Server.
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    Key exchange 'ffdhe3072' or even 'ffdhe4096' instead of own created DH 2048 , 3072 while is not safe enough anymore, and cipher order preference

    Read here about user and discussion. DH-3072 != ffdhe3072 so that is my mistake and many more i guess here :cry: You can download files with predefined groups ffdhe3072 or ffdhe4096 ? don't know howto in Directadmin? GUIDELINES...
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    Some about MX 0 NULL Record and also parked domains

    Please read document. Then is it possible to have such options in Directadmin GUI / API ? So if choosen no mail at all for domain set automatic MX 0 and if external MAIl then as now is possible MX external. NULL...
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    Update order

    Backups should be always there . ;) Extra: I make just before from some important databases a dump together with backup of apllications that connect to them to be sure they are in "synch". ( is much easier to restore and.. then) Then a snapshot of server / vps And yes if many/more in smaller...
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    carootcert.pem removed now not regenerating by LetsEncrypt

    Yup and this one 2. for Manually debugging /.well-known/acme-challenge/letsencrypt_12345
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    DKIM option and DNS suggestions if user set on NODNS

    OK here some more forum and help posts about such if wanted external dns for some users or even complete DA server and looking for : APIs /scripts dns TLSA , DKIM, LETSencrypt wildcard external dns and some more a guess. but non solved sofar i see! Here i bumbed sorry ;)...
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    External DNS server and LetsEncrypt certificates

    BUMP if i'm wrong in this topic sorry found it with search. More possible things with external DNS providers and wildcard letsencrypt Could this be solved with some other parts and API / scripts as in links provided? See here list of supporting dns...
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    Need help, all outbound TCP packets blocked after yum update

    I can't give you support BUT! Please do some normal work before asking support as also writing in your topic about > VERSIONS in use , versions in the updates, log file messages, . ( YUM update is i 'm pretty sure not only one update ;) at your box ? )
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    DirectAdmin vs CentOS Web Panel (CWS) > Leaving cPanel

    CENTOS don't like them. ;)
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    Email delivery problem

    So take care of that blacklist part , if it is you having that ip longer then who knows maybe you provider has blocked ports because of that. If you don't have that ip for your own , or before it was for someone els then als your provider more info's if they did know that ( abuse / black list)...
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    Executing PHP files from shell

    Under the document you read windows cr/lf then. So you can change that to Format unix /lf
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    Executing PHP files from shell

    NOTEPAD ++