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    It looks like it locally checks if it is signed, not externally. So if you use external zone signing that may be the cause.
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    Exim 4.94 update causes email temporary rejects

    I've downgraded to Exim 4.93 and exim_conf 4.5.22 to resolve the issue temporarily. /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/custom_versions.txt and added: exim_conf_45:4.5.22: exim:4.93: After that i rebuilded exim, that solved the issue for now and my mail queue is running perfectly again.
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    Exim 4.94 update causes email temporary rejects

    Thanks, while on DA servers Exim is compiled so i hope Exim/DirectAdmin will come up with a fix. Downgrading exim/exim_conf is the only option i see now.
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    Exim 4.94 update causes email temporary rejects

    Got the Same issue on CloudLinux and CentOS 7, so it looks quite OS independant.
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    Exim 4.94 update causes email temporary rejects

    Opened a ticket at MagicSpam, i don't know if @PurpleAlien uses MagicSpam too.
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    Exim 4.94 update causes email temporary rejects

    Got the same, Tainted filename for search: '/etc/virtual/yyyy/aliases' but only on servers with MagicSpam includes it looks like.
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    Integrate OpenDMARC with Exim to have DMARC checked and report sent out

    Wold love to see this too, voted on it!
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    DirectAdmin 1.61.0 has been released

    @Richard G I also see it, does not look that it is too well documented at CSF but showing in release notes ( 13.01 - Added reseller support in InterWorx Added reseller support in DirectAdmin Also here it show "You do not have access...
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    Problem with managesieve when change skin

    Check the managesieve/skins directory directory of the plugin, it contains content about skins too, you need to add your skin to managesieve/skins directory too besides elastic to enable it/make it work again for your own skin.
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    Setup IMAP folders.

    Also added a feature request for DA to add Archive directory to new mailboxes by default, so for instance Roundcube can use it for archiving emails.
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    Poll: how do you rate DirectAdmin support?

    Never had any problem with them, not perfect but still 4 out of 5!
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    Also put this into a feature request to automate it:
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    DirectAdmin feedback page

    Just spoke to @smtalk and he gave me a link to their brand new feedback page on :love: You can post any feature requests or bugs there, i've already made a start with some requests! DirectAdmin is already great but let's give DirectAdmin more input to make it...
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    CustomBuild: ssl_configuration=intermediate setting will now also drop TLS 1.1 and older for exim and dovecot

    @ditto @DirectAdmin Support just posted the request in DirectAdmin's brand new feedback/feature request system: Thanks @ditto for describing it, i just posted it to make DA aware of it!