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    Which control panel do you prefer? cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc...

    Definitely a troll We run both, and DirectAdmin is in so many ways better than cPanel. Our resellers and clients prefer DA over cPanel.
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    how to fix, to wordpress asking ftp for installing plugines

    I suspect that your wordpress permissions are incorrect. Check permissions on these folders /wp-content/uploads /wp-content/plugins /wp-content/themes
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    whmcs module for csf

    Yes there is, It works great if you connect to DA as admin account, does not work if your account is setup as a reseller. @ModulesGarden
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    DirectAdmin 1.59.5 has been released

    Just upgraded and ran into an issue creating resellers via whmcs. WHMCS reports that the create user command was successful how ever the account is not created. When attempting to create a dummy reseller via DirectAdmin control panel the following error is received - bare in mind, this all...
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    whmcs config issues

    Howdy all, Have any of you seen an issue where whmcs is not able to pull a list of created packages for a reseller account? The drop down Package Name is blank under Setup > Products/Services > Module Settings after selecting module Direct Admin Connection the server succeeds when I add the...