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    s-nail 14.9.17 build error

    what's your OS ? . TLS (LibreSSL) ... no . TLS (OpenSSL >= v1.1.1) ... no . TLS (OpenSSL >= v1.1.0) ... no in your log snail is use your old openssl and not openssl 1.1.1 and also my problem in the past. try link your libary in this folder to your openssl library /usr/local/lib/...
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    Directadmin Server hostname / nameserver question

    Yes you can do it, Beware your hostname need to use for sending email, It' call PTR Record; When you not have PTR record match sometime your receipt can't get email from your server.
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    Directadmin Server hostname / nameserver question

    No you can't because DNS Server need to server ip address that match to your server. Cloudflare Porxy is only get request to your website and serv to visitor from port 80 or 443...
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    Move domains between users solution at here
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    Netdata not showing in Enhanced skin.

    I drop from get update from DA script and create my own script and add some mysql, named, nginx to monitor. with 1 click Because Kickstart script so many issued when update or install on new version of netdata. New bug I got none " plugins python.d " all monitor missing in monitor some Apache...
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    [Solved] Bind doesn't work anymore | Named is Bind This is default named.conf Readd all zone of All domain.
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    [Solved] Bind doesn't work anymore | Named is Bind

    You shouldn't use ping to tell port When you want to check some port opened please use eg. telnet 53 That it hard to debug without checking with remote Your bind start fail but I still got telnet to 53 on your IP and it's open port. If it start fait. Port shouldn't open. because...
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    [Solved] Bind doesn't work anymore | Named is Bind

    try change bind tcp4 recreate named_zone echo "action=rewrite&value=named" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue /usr/local/directadmin/dataskq d40 I try to ping that port on ip: It open...
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    [Solved] Bind doesn't work anymore | Named is Bind

    Seem like your bind with tcp4 has problem with that ip while tcp6 bind with localhost ip. and can work normally with tcp6 let debug in step by step try rewrite_confs with directadmin change your bind tcp4 to in named.conf remove all include domain with not localhost...
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    [Solved] Bind doesn't work anymore | Named is Bind

    Have you try reboot server ? or try kill all process like " bind " or any use by port 53 " unable to listen on any configured interfaces " It seem port is used by other process like bind previous doesn't clean restart
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    Direct admin does not open

    It bad way to reset Iptables Should use iptables-save | awk '/^/ { print $1 } /^:[A-Z]+ [^-]/ { print $1 " ACCEPT" ; } /COMMIT/ { print $0; }' | iptables-restore or second way iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT iptables -P OUTPUT...
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    Netdata install not complete

    I use Centos 7 Some system in netdata need " musl-libc " that I can't install from REPO with tutorial from "" It required " /lib/ " so I think install from source is bug too. about "Segmentation fault" on yum commands...
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    First time VPS / DirectAdmin user setup MySQL Server

    You can find out some Root Mysql at "/usr/local/directadmin/conf/my.cnf", It use by default installer directadmin.
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    Unable to reach network. Please check your internet connection.

    check your DNS /etc/resolv.conf also : cmd ping for test working
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    License has expired

    Pelase read update. It's not problem of directadmin. It's your problem when you purchased from reseller. read note in