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    custombuild/build NGINX Bug SSL switch old/intermediate/modern

    this topic move from wrong post in custombuild 1.1/1.2 I use custombuild 2.0.0 (rev: 2351) this is bug in command: ./build rewrite_confs on line 16475 "cp -rf ${NGINXCONFDIR}/* " It recopy after reconfig ssl_option on...
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    May I edit some for update with multi outbound going IP ?

    I don't know in " /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/* " when time rewrite update on DA System. I need to edit and add some " csf -f " for flush and " csf -r " for reinitial firewall First I notic only Directadmin Update will replace this file too. it's not problem because I...
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    [BUG]custombuild2.0 BuildBuild PHP Version 5.6 as mod_php (default) and 7.2

    I want upgrade secondary PHP7.2 then after finish my default php5.6 change to php7.2 I want default php is php5.6 and secondary is php7.2 how to solves ? I do by myself so long time