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    Clean up custombuild directory, what can i delete? (need more space?)

    Dear All, I have directadmin for a long time and never cleaned the custombuild directory, because I never run low on diskspace. Now it seems my server is more used i need more space, i checked my my hdd and noticed the custom dir: 3.2G ./usr/local/directadmin/custombuild Time to clean that...
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    PHP Curl SSL bundle outdated? certificate has expired

    Dear All, Yesterday i noticed one of my scripts stopt working, after some research i found out that the SSL certificated from that site was outdated (or my system thinks so) and Curl didn't work anymore (unless i added the parameter to allow outdated SSL/not trusted SSL). curl...
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    Apache doesn't show filesize/duration during downloading .dmg in browser?

    I have a .dmg on my website for a Mac Software, but when i try to download this (even in different browsers), it doesn't show me the duration or the filesize. Could this be something I need to configure in Apache? I checked the http header: HTTP/1.1 200 OK => Date => Mon, 22 Apr 2013 15:36:08...
  4. J> point to / folder ?

    Well the title says it all... it seems to simple but i really have no idee?> point to Should i do this with the DNS, and a CNAME.. or how is this done?
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    Change amounth of childs spamd ? (SpamAssassin)

    Hello All, Yesterday I installed SpamAssassin for Directadmin, but now I notice 3 deamons or childs running each around 60MB RAM, total 180MB Ram. I have a small VPS and not so much email traffic... how could i reduce this to only 1 deamon? or is this called childs..?
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    httpd process grows to 64MB, is that normal? how to reduce Memory/Ram?

    Dear Users or Admins, I now run my server for 2 years and all still goes very well, recently my website is growing well and it asks more resources. I noticed every httpd process takes around 64MB RAM, I ask my self why so much? Because when i read on other websites i see it only takes around...
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    Out of Memory (how to prevent?) server crash!

    I run a a simple VPS with 1GB RAM and 2GM SWAP (XEN) A few days ago my site was down, also i could't connect with the server (SSH). I needed to login to my external VPS panel to do a HARD reboot(plug and unplug), reboot also didn't work.. SO my server needed a total unplug an plug. After...
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    How to see domain, without real domain? (test page)

    Hello All, I created a new domain but I don't have the domain (yet) linked to my server. So how can I access this domain by IP for example. I found I can create a new user and see the page with: http://IP~directadminuser But I created this domain within a account that ownes multiple domains...
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    Can't connect to ssl!

    Hello All, After a good night in the pub a woke up in my old dade's house and started up my old laptop. I went to my company website to check some support questions etc. I WAS CHOCKED because i got a warning that my SSL certificate was incorrect:confused: what the ...... i thought? This is NO...
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    E-mail returns; Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname

    Dear All, I keep on having troubles :o but ofcourse because i'm also learning on the way... it seems i have something not setup correct, or missing because when some email systems return my email with the following information: 554 5.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname...
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    My DNS changes all the time?

    Hello All, I recently (5 days ago) added a DKIM rule and SPF rule: (for this example i changed my domain name and IP) _domainkey TXT "o=~" TXT "v=spf1 a mx ip4: -all" x._domainkey TXT "v=DKIM1; k=rsa...
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    does the DKIM create this DNS rule? localhost AAAA ::1

    Hello All, I followed this tutorial: But i see in my DNS I have this line now: localhost AAAA ::1 I'm not 100% certain if i had this DNS rule in it before, but is this normal?
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    SPF with server IP or Domain IP?

    Hello All, After reading into all the email adjustments on this forum i now understand i need to have: SPF DKIM But after changing this all hotmail and gmail still tells me it's incorrect for the domain i intended to get correctly configured. Because when i send a email from my server domain...
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    X-DKIM-Result: PermError

    Hello All, I just followed the instructions from: 1.) I did: directadmin.conf and restart DA: dkim=1 2.)And then run: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ 3.)Edit your /etc/exim.conf. Find this code: remote_smtp...
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    Another Hotmail Spam Problem, but with a RFC Headers included! So lets solve it :)

    Hey All, I noticed some users get my mail in there spam directory... i use php mail function with Drupal to send user password or confirmation. I think the problem is I have and, the php mail is send from the but the server is called is this RFC...