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    Well it's clearly not the same as HashBackup is a free/open source application while your suggestion is not open source, does not support cloud providers and has a monthly license fee attached to it. Any other options out there?
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    I stumbled upon HashBackup which is based on rclone which I'm using to encrypt and backup some of my DirectAdmin backups to the cloud to keep an additional copy. Is anybody using this? I think it would be a great idea to implement with DirectAdmin as it supports multiple destinations (both...
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    pure-ftpd to proftpd problem

    Try adding this line at the end: TLSOptions NoSessionReuseRequired That will take care of this errror: 2020-04-19 20:32:10,781 mod_tls/2.7[1927]: starting TLS negotiation on data connection 2020-04-19 20:32:10,793 mod_tls/2.7[1927]: client reused SSL session for data connection 2020-04-19...
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    Setup IMAP folders.

    This is already supported: Yet, I'm not sure if the internal value of new installs is 0 to be RFC compliant. If not, we should really make this move.
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    Direct Admin - php build configure.php

    Check this guide:
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    Warning: $USER (sshuser) not identical to user (root)!

    Did you try the su - command?
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    Warning: $USER (sshuser) not identical to user (root)!

    Thanks for the tip. Will start using it now, good information!
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    Warning: $USER (sshuser) not identical to user (root)!

    Only happens when I use regular su, su - doesn’t show the message.
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    Warning: $USER (sshuser) not identical to user (root)!

    I login via ssh using sshuser (uid:1000) and su into root to run ./build commands. Also forgot to mention this happens with CentOS 7.
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    Warning: $USER (sshuser) not identical to user (root)!

    Hello, After updating Exim and S-nail to the latest version, I get the following error when running ./build update_versions: # ./build update_versions s-nail: Warning: $LOGNAME (sshuser) not identical to user (root)! s-nail: Warning: $USER (sshuser) not identical to user (root)! Where sshuser...
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    PHP Warning when running ./build updatw_versions

    PHP Warning when running ./build update_versions Hello, Since yesterday I started to receive the following error while running ./build update_versions # ./build update_versions PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library...
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    Dovecot configuration & IPv6

    Hello, It looks like ./build dovecot_conf will not take into consideration if IPv6 enabled in directadmin.conf This will bring problems to customers using Google (and potentially other people) to sync their email (as pop3) as Google defaults to IPv6. The workaround is to modify...
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    Exim message limit

    Hello, I would like to configure Custombuild to take care of my Exim configurations, yet I'm unable as currently the default DirectAdmin configuration dictates a 20M message size limit, while my customers like something bigger (around 50M) since otherwise some emails from GMail and other email...
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    Dovecot + Pieonhole + Quotas

    Dovecot + Pigeonhole + Quotas Hello, I just tried to enable Pieonhole on my installation and ran into a couple of issues. After fixing my dovecot.conf for correct patching my CustomBuild, I noticed that Quotas is no longer working. I tried to follow this guide with no results...
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    Anacron and Custombuild

    I use the cron for CustomBuild to let me know when updates are available. This works great, yet when there's an update, I get the CustomBuild email and then get a Anacron email with the following: /etc/cron.daily/custombuild: Updating DirectAdmin(B Any ideas how to stop this? Thanks...