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    Error while renewing let's encrypt certificate

    We had the same problem, this fixed it for us. (fpm / nginx setup).
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    CustomBuild: ssl_configuration=intermediate setting will now also drop TLS 1.1 and older for exim and dovecot

    I have to agree this is too soon. Clients are reporting problems which cost us alott of time. It would be better to still support this but set in options.conf if youwhat versions to support. Ofcourse in a couple of months we should all disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 but for now this change that is...
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    exif and imagick installation

    Is it also possible to disable imagick for 1 user / domain?
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    Rspamd working to good? (looking for best configuration)

    Since a week or so i changed some servers from spamassassin to rspamd. The reason for this is because alott of clients are complaining about spam. All build and setup, even a plugin. Very nice. However, pretty soon i saw alott of mails being blocked that should not be blocked (false positives)...
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    Some suggestions for the new skin

    First of all. I really like how the new skin looks and caanot wait to make my clients happy with a new look and feel. When i click around alott of pages it looks alott better and fresher. I noticed some things tgat could still be better (in my opinion) and i hope you will take these comments...