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    Request: Option to set a amount/limit of data in public_html

    Hi, A friend of my uses our hostingserver for his and his clients web projects. He uses a lot of open source software which, in the end, can take up a lot of webspace. And when installatron updates your software automatically it first creates backups of the entire site. The space these backups...
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    Separate space for e-mail

    Hi, Last week a customer complaint about a full inbox while he hasn't got that many mail's in his inbox. When I checked the details of his disk usage I saw 50mb of email space and 260mb of webpage data. (the package has 300mb of space). Now I'm looking for a way to create a guaranteed mailbox...
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    Edit |TABLE|

    Hi, I'm new to the skinning of DA but it isn't that difficult but now i'm stuck at designing the userlist table. There's a token |TABLE| which contains the userlist but i'm can't find this table anywhere in my template files. Does anyone know where i can find this? Thanks, Jochems