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    EasySpamFighter 1.31 has been released

    I still wouldn't consider this a minor change. It's not backwards compatible and changing it can have a large impact. Why wasn't the rename handled by CustomBuild? If anything, that would be THE place to handle backwards incompatible changes. Don't leave it to the administrator if you do decide...
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    EasySpamFighter 1.31 has been released

    I am not impressed by the name change. We've used esf_skip_ip for years. Pushing this as a minor release is disappointing.
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    A Python interface to the DirectAdmin API

    This is a simple interface we wrote to interact with the DirectAdmin API using Python. It supports all current and future API endpoints in DirectAdmin.
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    MySQL 5.6.38

    We ran into some issues when upgrading to MySQL 5.6.38. There were no error logs, nothing. The only thing it returned was: Starting MySQL. ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file (/var/lib/mysql/ I tried starting it with sh -x /etc/init.d/mysqld start which gave me the...
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    php-fpm and mod_ruid2

    Lately I've been testing if it would be possible to run mod_ruid2 alongside php-fpm. When I removed the check for fpm and ruid2 (I left the others intact) it had no problems building them both. I ran a few tests with php 5.6 and the latest version of 7. I also tested it with them both...
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    Global bayes rules

    Is it possible to have global per server bayes rules along with the per user ones? We don't want customers to train the database themselves but every so often it does help if a spam outbreak can be trained globally. Eg.
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    Exim using the wrong hostname on CentOS 7.1

    We're currently running some tests with CentOS 7 and DirectAdmin before putting it into production. One of the things we've noticed is that since we have upgraded to CentOS 7.1 the hostname Exim picks up automatically is actually the node name. If we have a server with a hostname of...
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    Using Puppet to install DirectAdmin

    We've spent a fair amount of time on a Puppet module that can manage your DirectAdmin servers. It's not meant to replace the GUI of DirectAdmin, though it tries to simplify installing a new server and managing custombuild across several servers at the same time. If Puppet is new for you, you...
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    Updating perl modules

    I think this is one of the things sysadmins seem to pay less attention to. Custombuild does not really take care of updating them too. We've just ran a script to update all our perl modules but of course some did fail -- perl can be such a pain. I wonder though, how do you sysadmins handle...
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    SpamAssassin 3.3.2

    After more than a year SpamAssassin released a new version on the 16th of June. Minor release. See Upgraded using CPAN. No issues. When will it be included in custombuild?
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    ProFTPD mod_tls

    Right, not the first and likely not the last question about this subject either. I want to set up SSL on a server but for some reason it does not seem to work out if I use port 21. My client is FlashFXP using Explicit SSL (Auth TLS), but changing clients results in the same problem. I get the...
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    Perl & Bash

    I use perl almost every day on command line level to replace certain strings in bash scripts, but until now, I never had to use bash variables. For some reason, they don't seem to work as well. Hopefully someone has a solution for the below: #!/bin/sh THISIP=`/sbin/ifconfig ${DEFAULTNIC} |...
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    Interest in fallback solutions

    We run a commercial per domain fallback service for the somewhat larger companies. It is used many times as a frontend relay to protect or offload scanning services of the primary mailserver (Exchange, Lotus etc.). In the meantime, it seems that more and more people are getting interested in...
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    PHP session.save_path

    First off, I'm not completely sure if this is a configuration setting for PHP or if it's as designed or an error in Apache, so please let me know if I'm mistaken here. I am trying to get PHP to use custom temporary folders for both sessions and uploaded files. While normal scripts seem to have...
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    Deleted folders of subdomains

    Can we think of any solution to deal with the subdomains left undeleted while their folders have been removed? I know Apache won't break all of the sudden because of the leftover virtualhosts, but it would be better to clean those virtualhosts up. I might be missing a feature though, if so...