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    Email certificate

    HI all, Is it possible to add en mail certificate(X509 certificaat) for an specific email adres with directadmin? Thanks Danny
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    Debian 7

    Is it already recommended to upgrade from Debian 6.0 64-bit to 7.1 ? if so how can i do this safe (production vps)?
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    cant make any admin backup anymore

    Hi, I just upgraded DA to the last versions but now i cant backup anymore it will break after this. The following hard links have been found under User admin: How can i remove this very anoying feature ? Thanks
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    DirectAdmin isn't working anymore

    Hi, As main problem i had that the directadmin dataskq wasn't running every minute so i was using google to try to fix it nothing worked and someone suggested that i need to do directadmin -i After that my password reseted and apache stopped running to fixed this an let httpd start again i had...
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    Email Purging bug

    Hello, Is the bug on user level already known that you can't purge emails (under email accounts) from spam box or inbox etc none of the selectives to purge emails aren't working its posting the settings but nothing is happening ? Could this be fix please. Thanks, Danny
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    SSL Certificates [BUG]

    Hello, Im am using an SSL Certificate for my webshop to secure the payments, but the licentie time of my SSL Certificate where running out so i tried to make an Certificate Request with directadmin like the first time. but after i've done that normaly if you go 1 page back so back to the SSL...
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    apache 2 errors

    When im updating my apache to the newest version i get this error when i try to install it mpm_common.c:35:26: error: apr_optional.h: No such file or directory mpm_common.c:38:19: error: httpd.h: No such file or directory mpm_common.c:39:25: error: http_config.h: No such file or directory...
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    changing server time

    How can i update my server time with the server time of another server like the windows time server ?
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    mysql is giving sleeping commands

    Hello, sinds today on of my websites on a server of mine displaying sleeping commands by phpmyadmin proccess. I already tried to change the standard my.cnf files of mysql in the hope i could fix it but nothing helps. I cached some pages still no effect. Does anyone has an idea to fix this it...
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    sleeping database

    Hello, since today i got an big problem with my database it sleeps by every request to it. Its pritty anoying because it work almost a month on this server. I already optimizated my.cnf with differend files but didnt work does anyone got an idee to fix this ? thanks, Topic can be closed i...
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    Hello, Why isnt it possible to make an backup and put this on another account with an different name ? cant this be maded it probebly difficult but not inpossible the most files like the apache files and like that are fully text bases files and can be replaced to another text. Hope this can...
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    php cli

    For cronjobs i wanna use php cli but when i ececute this line in shh with putty php /home/accountname/domains/ It execute without error but it doesnt fill my database or print some test lines. For sure php cli was installed i recompile it again but it didnt help...
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    FFMPEG on CentOS 5.0 64-bit

    Hello, I want to install ffmpeg on my server. i used this website bot on the configure of libVorbis i get this error checking for pkg-config... no...
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    removing plesk and install directadmin

    Hello, Does somebody knows how to remove plesk and to install directadmin ?
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    Hello, Some of my domain stats doenst work. :2222/CMD_SHOW_LOG?domain=domain.ex&type=log on my stats i get only the word nlbined how can i fix this ?