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    One Email Account Ignoring Spamassassin Settings

    I have no idea how this is happening but i seem to have one email account ignoring spamassassin settings or using the default settings. I have the require score set to 12, however one email account thinks the score is 5. Content preview: Check has already been cut. Thank You, Darin Novak...
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    Quota correct but DA not showing accurate total disk usage

    For some reason DA is not showing correct disk usage on my server, which is causing problems for users. Users are using up their disk quota but DA is not sending them a warning or showing their actual disk usage. Here's an example: astra:/etc/init.d# quota -vs wired Disk quotas for user...
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    Disable medium strength SSL ciphers.

    I'm trying to make one of our servers PCI compliant. One of the things that needs to be done is disabling medium strength SSL ciphers. Here's the error I get from the PCI scan: Here are the medium strength SSL ciphers supported by the remote server : Medium Strength Ciphers (>= 56-bit and <...
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    Rename/Change Main Domain

    What's the best way to rename/change my main domain in Directadmin? This is the main admin domain with the nameservers and everything. Keefe
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    Can't Delete Users

    Hello, I'm trying to delete some users off a system and I'm getting a segmentation fault. I've tried tracing it with gdb but I wasn't able to find any pertinent information from it. The directadmin error log shows the following: 2010:03:31-17:29:16: Can't...
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    Feature Request: Option for no DNS

    I would really like to see a setting/feature to specify whether or not a DA server will be hosting DNS for a domain or not. Right now if DNS is being hosted elsewhere I have to delete the zone file, but this sometimes causes other issues. It would be great to have an option somewhere for this...
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    Ready to use in production?

    I'm on spamblocker 2 and lately a lot of spam is getting through. Is Spamblocker 3 ready for use in a production environment? What kind of spam blocking performance difference have people seen between spamblocker 2 and spamblocker 3? Thanks, Keefe
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    Spamassassin being bypassed?

    I have at least one user who has been receiving spam that appears to bypass spam-assassin. Here are some headers: Return-path: <> Envelope-to: Delivery-date: Thu, 28 May 2009 14:11:32 -0500 Received: from...
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    internal problem in domain_filter

    Recently I've been seeing this error a lot: 2009-05-17 21:14:31 1M5qbz-00082q-1M internal problem in domain_filter router (recipient is failure to transfer data from subprocess: status=000b readerror='Success' What could be causing this? I think its related to this...
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    ./exim stop doesn't work

    I'm having a problem with ./exim stop working properly on a Debian system. It will appear to stop: server:/etc/init.d# ./exim stop Shutting down exim: But exim processes will stay running: server:/etc/init.d# ps aux | grep exim root 24290 0.0 0.0 7200 1280 ? S 18:49...
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    Rebuild proftpd.passwd

    How can I rebuild proftpd.passwd in its entirety? I found this guide: but that's only for "system" ftp accounts and not "custom" FTP accounts. Thanks, Keefe
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    Descrepancies between spam scoring

    I was tweaking my spamassassin rules and settings today and I noticed something strange. I was using spamassassin command-line to test out the spam scoring and I found that the command-line score was different than the score on the original email. Here's an example from my mailbox: Content...
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    dovecot[2254]: auth(default): shadow(, unknown user

    Why am I seeing a ton of these messages in my mail.log files? Jul 3 20:16:02 astra dovecot[2254]: auth(default): shadow(, unknown user Jul 3 20:16:02 astra dovecot[2254]: auth(default): passwd(, unknown user I noticed other log...
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    Longer DA Usernames

    Would it be possible to allow longer DA usernames? I find I could use this quite frequently. Keefe
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    Corrupted zone file

    How do I regenerate a corrupted zone file for a user/domain? Keefe