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    Selecting which version of PHP to use in the command line

    Greetings, I have added PHP 7.2 as my second PHP version today and have switched a few domains over to the new install, which is confirmed working when running a phpinfo() on said domains. I was wondering if it was possible to access PHP 7.2 as well when using the "php" command in the command...
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    System Quotas not working

    Greetings, I have recently moved over DirectAdmin from one VPS to another, and since I have done so most of the system quotas refuse to work. I have followed the instructions on I have addedquota_partition=/home to my...
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    Multiple versions of PHP5, to be decided on a per-site level

    Greetings, I would like to upgrade my version of PHP to PHP 5.6.x, but due to some shenanigans certain code that is currently running on my server is being a bit incompatible with 5.6.x. Is it possible to have my current version of PHP and 5.6.x installed on the same server, where I can...
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    Expand server's hard drive

    Greetings, My host provider has recently upgraded my VPS's limit to allow me to use 100GB of space instead of 50GB, but in DirectAdmin (and when logging in as root, df) it is still showing the 50GB limit. How can I update my VPS to display the new 100GB limit without breaking anything? With...
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    Dealing with a traffic surge

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I have experienced a bit of an issue on one of the websites I am hosting. Because another service went down, I experienced a traffic surge (from the usual 60-80 average users according to Google Analytics Realtime) where over 500 people were on the website at the same...
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    Adding Coffeescript support to Apache

    Greetings, I was hoping someone could help me, I am trying to get a Coffeescript ( to work on my DA install. If I run the script though my console by invoking "/usr/local/bin/coffee" it outputs fine. I have tried adding a handler in the control panel, but...