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    exim custombuild error

    I would like to know that also as it happened to me tonight new server build Centos 8
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    Plugin Installation / Saving Errors / New install of DA

    I have installed 2 different plugins in both Centos 7 and Centos 8 on the newest installation script of DirectAdmin and both have the same issue with both installations. When saving any data within the plugin the DA Screen turns gray and states "cmd_plugins_admin's server IP address could not...
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    Softaculous or DirectAdmin problem - denying access to be safe ?

    I have searched everywhere about this and I will try to explain the best I can. After installing a script using Softaculous in the home/user/public_html directory everything works fine. The path used is /home/user/domains/domain_name/public_html and everything appears to work fine. I am...
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    Adding User Hanging

    New to DA but not other cp's and I have it installed ok. Problem seems to be that when I add a user the screen seems to hang up and I don't get a success screen or change in screen. The screen just remains like a frosted overlay. However the user appears to be created ok after I finally...