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    How-to: cPanel to DA migration

    Error with query: ALTER DATABASE agri_wp883 CHARACTER SET 'utf8mb4' COLLATE 'latin1_swedish_ci' COLLATION 'latin1_swedish_ci' is not valid for CHARACTER SET 'utf8mb4' Unable to restore database agri_wp883.sql to agri_wp883 : ERROR 1273 (HY000) at line 592: Unknown collation...
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    How-to: cPanel to DA migration

    Hi, This tool is not working, on most of the accounts I am trying to migrate I end up with the following error:
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    How to re-enable skin manager ?

    Hi, I think I have disabled skin manager in the skins. How do I enable it back ? I cannot see the skin manager icon in any level. Thanks in advance.
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    How directadmin works ?

    Hi, Sorry I am new to directadmin and i don't really understand how it works. I am trying to create a reseller account and I have done following step by step: 1. Added a reseller package with 1 GB space, 2 domain, 2 users (as admin) 2. Created a new reseller with the package i created in step...
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    named stopped working

    Hi, After changing IP of hostname and nameservers, I restarted my server and since then named has stopped working: --- An error has occurred /usr/bin/systemctl start named.service 2>&1 --- When I try to restart, I get following: --- service named restart Redirecting to /bin/systemctl...
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    How to create user packages without unlimited tick boxes ?

    Hi, I created reseller packages, then created a reseller and assigned a reseller package to it. Now logged in as a reseller I am creating user package for that reseller but directadmin is allowing unlimited tick boxes in it. How to disable that and how to show / allow the resources according...
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    How to have many php version at the same time ?

    Hi, How to have many php version at the same time in DA and select a specific version for each account ? Thanks.