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    maildirsize quota not update

    Thanks, but my problem is nothing about system quota.
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    maildirsize quota not update

    After leaving for a few hour, the quota vaue in maildirsize file has update corresponding to quota set in DA any trick to boost this up quickly, or make it set the value as soon as quota set? because when quota is full, increase quota from DA will not solve the error immediately, but have to...
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    maildirsize quota not update

    Hi, Some of my user found this error on Roundcube connection to storage server failed I have read this but none of them is the cause I login to DA and found that that user is use email space reach his quota limit (200MB) then I set the quota to...
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    User Password incorrect after restore from backup

    I use admin backup transfer to Backup from CentOS 5.11 and restore on CentOS 7.5 After restore user can not login via directadmin, the password is setting incorrectly in the /etc/shadow I have check /etc/shadow and found that on centos 7.x it change encryption method as below CentOS 5...
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    Please MOVE Frontpage "ServerRoot /etc/httpd" in user httpd.conf to template file

    Please MOVE Frontpage "ServerRoot /etc/httpd" in user httpd.conf to template file I try to replace apache with other webserver that not apache compatible config file I modify all virtual_host*.conf in custom folder, all look to work fine except the sentense appear in user httpd.conf file...
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    FreeBSD 6.3 RELEASE

    Feedback Test Install on FreeBSD 6.3 RELEASE i386 1. included 6.3 as known OS, Great :) 2. included 6.3 as known OS, Great :) 3. customapache build zend not yet include 6.3, this can fix easily Feature Request Support for FreeBSD 6.x 64Bit Regards,
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    90days log

    HI, all Now a day in thailand have a new laws about computer crimes, that we have to keep logs files for at lease 90 days. for proftpd exim httpd has no problem since it's rotate by logrotation and can easily copy the .0 everyday after midnight, the latest log file of yesterday always .0 but...
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    Can't start apache - httpd.conf too many Include

    I have a problem on a server with 111 domains httpd fail to start without any error message! after checking for a while, I found that in main httpd.conf will included all user's httpd.conf from /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/user/httpd.conf if I put comment (#) on only 1 line at any...
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    Calendar Wrong Year!

    I click on calendar and see that it can show upto only year 2006 I check event on 28/1/06 in the calendar it said Directadmin 1.28.7 Release ! but when followup the link it said correctly 28/1/07
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    DA 1.28.6 ERROR on restart SSHD

    After upgrade to 1.28.6 on FreeBSD 6.x in services menu when click on restart sshd it will stop but fail to start with message the error is occur. but after wait upto a minute it's will start by datataskq.
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    Script: delete spam older than x days

    I search my post in this forum for a while to post an update version. The topic is found here.
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    Custom php register_globals per domain

    Register_global Control via Directadmin should be great Just add another variable control in DA like safe_mode and open_basedir config then in virtualhost template we can add line like this php_admin_flag register_global |REG| -- For current version of DirectAdmin If you don't use safemode...
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    Delete DA Full System Backup Folder Older than x days

    From this thread This is a perl script to delete backup folder older than (exactly) x days Just put it in cron daily job
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    Script: delete spam older than x days

    Shell script to delete spam in the users spam folder (.INBOX.spam) in the Maildir system that older than n days (default 30 days) Put it in cron (weekly should be ok) eg. 10 0 * * 0 root scriptpath/ edit the script and set DAYS=n logfile=/var/log/whatyouneed Tested on FreeBSD 5.4...
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    Does "da-popb4smtp" need after upgrade to "Dovecot" ?

    I have upgraded to Dovecot and have a few questions. What's "da-popb4smtp" does? I try kill it's process and test sending and receiving mail all pass successfully. Because the upgrade script still keep running "da-popb4smtp" on boot then I'm not sure that "da-popb4smtp" still need after...