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    outgoing spam issue

    Hi, recently i have issue with outgoing spam, and i cannot found out from where the spam comes... this is the header information of spam: 1VmRH7-000FgM-ST-H mail 12 6 <> 1385743841 0 -helo_name -host_address -interface_address MYSERVERSIP.25...
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    Problem with mailinglists

    Hi, i have one problem, that my users doesn't receive some mails that are send to mailing lists. i have this lines in log file of exim: exim/mainlog:2012-01-11 10:35:13 1RkuaP-0006Vk-I9 <= [212.*.*.*] P=esmtp S=180516...
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    from cgi to cli

    Hi, i have one question, i moved some users from FreeBSD CGI to Debian CLI. And now some scripts doesnt work. Ive changed the permissions but still i get errors like: Warning: Division by zero in /home/user/domains/ on line 132 Warning...
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    installing some components

    Hi, i need to install some components for apache and i'm wondering if i install this packages will this maybe overwrite my apache configs or some other configs? packages list: The following NEW packages will be installed: apache2-utils apache2.2-common libapr1 libaprutil1 libdb4.5...
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    i have problem with myu freebsd 6.3. Every night at 00.22 quote starts and it freezs my server, i cannot ssh to the server, httpd stops etc. Do somebody maybe know whats the problem here? There is new hdd in the server but everything the same problem.. tnx for the any answers. br
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    mysql + cpu + page doesn't work

    Hello, i have search the forum but didn't get any answer for my problem.. i have freebsd + directadmin server is 2x quad core 4 GB memory the problem is that mysql uses 99.99% cpu and mysql service is working but pages doesn't show up, i need to kill -9 the mysql and than start it. I have...
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    Hello, how much virtualhosts can apache + directadmin have. Now i have more than 500 domains on this server, and now i have problems whit apache all the time Server is 2x quad core + 12GB of memory...
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    core dumped

    hello, i have problem whit apache on DA. When i add new domain to DA after apache restared i get core dumped and apache doesnt start. than i delete that domain and apache stars working... any idea about this problem? br, Klemen
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    exim + php scripts problem

    Hey, i have one strange problem. When some user is trying to send mail from php contact form i get this error: 2008-08-17 14:41:50 1KUhZu-0008SB-Ei <= U=apache P=local S=706 T="[form - kontakt] test" from <> for info@unknowndomain 2008-08-17 14:41:50...
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    php script + mails

    Hey, i have problem whit my server, when i try to send mail from some mail form. Scripts are OK becouse it worked about 3 days ago, but now it stoped to work. Here is the mainlog output can anyone may tell me whats can be here wrong, i have read some posts on the forum and tryed the...
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    hello, can somebody tell me if DA has some script or something that makes /stat password protected when i add a new domain.
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    mysql on external IP

    Hi, i have one project, and mysql needs to be open on EXTERNAL IP and it will be opened to X IPs, can somebody tell me where do I edit, that mysql will use external IP tnx;BR;Klemen
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    hi, i`ve searched the forum but didnt find any answer. I have problem whit mod_rewrite on freebsd apache 2x, i dont know where to enable module. tnx for answers...