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    I want to turn off specific domain in the SMTP server.

    Hello. I want to turn off specific domain in the SMTP server. But close SMTP domain that can receive regular e-mail. What do I need to config. :confused: Details. OS = freebsd 6.3. mailserver = Exim. Thank you very much. :) Phakdee Todang
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    Bandwidth & Disk Quota Not Update

    hello I have Problem Bandwidth and Disk Quota not update all domain in server. 1. Bandwidth not update all domain. 2. Disk Quota Over use but not actual. please help me solve this problem. server = DA + FreeBSD 6.2 Thank you very much :p
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    Can not sent mail to

    Hello I can not sent email to yahoo have error in Mail Queue Administration. R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host i retry email in control panal but email can not sent to yahoo. ****** Os FreeBSD 6.2 ****** Help Please..:confused: Pakdee Thank
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    How to install phython on Directadmin + FreeBSD + Apache2

    I've problem on my server for setting mod phython. I want to known how to setting on Directadmin , FreeBSD 6.2 and Apache2 please tell me about the step to setting or another to edit config.Thank you kpen