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    directory handling?

    How does DA handle directories in the following cases (trailing slashes important): I'm guessing the latter does some attempt at going to instead of trying ? If this is the case, is there a DA setting to change this...
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    [REQUEST] single domain backup?

    Is this possible? At least on the user end. At times, a user might have a small website, or a few small ones s/he might host, and one giant picture gallery. It'd be useful to be able to just select the smaller sites to backup if the picture gallery doesn't need to be. Or alternatively, vice...
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    when user initiates backup?

    Are the backups logged in DA? If so, where would they be? Thanks Linh
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    sender verify failed?

    What does this usually mean? I have a copule of these entries in my logs: 2004-10-25 13:34:24 [IP] F=<USEREMAIL> rejected RCPT <DA_RECIPIENT>: Sender verify failed Who's end is responsible, mine or where my client is emailing from? The IP isn't in my blocklist. And...
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    upload db, no data?

    I'm trying to upload a database for one of my clients, and for some reason, DA pops up a "document contains no data" window. The only discrepency I have is the database names are mismatched. It was downloaded via DA though. Is there any easy way to restore this? I'm not too familiar w/ php...
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    backup puts huge load on server?

    I haven't been able to duplicate the problem yet, but one particular user I have went through the backup process, and basically caused my loads to jump to the hundreds. When I slowly got my way into an ssh session, restarting apache cured all. Has anyone ever run into something like this...
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    100% Hard drive space used?

    Two of my resellers are getting emails that 100% of their space is used up. According to the stats, they are 2/3 full at most. I've gone through looking at the /home directories for each user, and they seem correct. is there a linux command that reports teh size of alll the contents of a...
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    moving users off the server IP

    *i got it now, just making things harder for myself than I needed to* From a lack of understanding of how the DA licenses work, I would like to move resellers/users off the Server IP. From what I can tell, there's no simple way to do something like this through the CP. But here's what...
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    When creating a backup, is what is created a backup for every domain the user has, or just that specific domain the user is currently managing? Also, when you do create a backup, does the webpage actually have to be continually open?? I ask because I remember cpanel would send an email when...
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    shared IP's not shower correct number of users?

    This is just a cosmetic issue, but I have two IPs set to be shared. IP 1 says 5 users, and IP 2 says 3. However, in reality, it should be the otherway around. I did swap a few around after creating the account, but I don't remember how many exactly. Is the number hard coded on account...
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    main email account being rejected

    I'm having a problem with users emails being rejected. Email is fine to any created account.. EXCEPT, the main user account. IE, user dauser, w/ domain, has a default email account of (DA generated). All mail to this address is getting bounced back w/...
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    BFD equivalent?

    If we use KISS, is there anything like BFD for APF? Linh
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    SMTP seems very slow

    SMTP seems very slow *no problem* *edit* I jumped too early on this... my oh so reliable email provider seemed to have some slow downs at the exact time frame I was creating accounts :( What can I check in regards to this? It had been working fine, but suddenly, email being sent from the...
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    external mail servers and forwarders

    I know if domains on my server have external mail servers, gotta uncheck the local mail server option in the domains. However, it doesn't seem to be working exactly. If I leave it checked, I will get a failed delivery, as expected. If I uncheck it, mail seems to disappear. No email back...
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    xinetd didn't start on reboot?

    I rebooted my system, and noticed xinetd did not start up for some reason, I had to manually do it. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should check? Thanks Linh