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    Underscores in Hostname

    Hi John, I recently had a problem with a reseller with their own nameservers. After a named update, the service was restarted and his particular domain failed to load, all kinds of nslookup funniness. Once I looked at his zone file, I saw the issue: an underscore in a hostname of an A record...
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    RSA server certificate CommonName (CN) does NOT match server name

    Hi all, Really stumped here - hoping someone can help shed some light on an SSL problem I'm having. The problem: On this particular server, I have exactly one SSL certificate. It belongs to the primary IP address of the server. This primary IP is shared among a number of other vhosts. Upon...
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    Running slave DNS on a non-DA server using Multi-Server feature?

    Hi guys, I've seen a few threads on the subject, but I'm looking for a definitive answer on this one (and there is very little documentation on the new multi-server feature). Let me make clear: I am trying to clarify how to run Slave DNS on a remote server with NO directadmin installed, but...
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    DA Plug-in Information

    Hi guys, Can anyone point me in the right direction of writing a simple plugin to handle support tickets? At the moment I use a custom skin that wraps DA and provides users access to additional features, however, I'd like to build some of these features directly into DA using the plugin system...
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    Hi Guys, ** June 6th. 2008: MRTG tarball location has been updated to reflect it's new home on the official MRTG site. Also worth noting, I haven't updated this thread since 2005. guys have been using this thing for a while! With the addition of a new server I found myself in the...
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    Remote services...

    Hi guys, I haven't been around for a while - but I'm back and I'm curious! I was just wondering if anyone's been keeping up on the remote services situation. Has anyone heard of an estimation of when we will be able to run DNS/Mail/MySQL on remote machines and have directadmin do the work of...
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    Reseller mail header problem

    Hi guys, We give our resellers their own IP addresses (two). And they're completely transparent, however, when they send mail, the mail headers show up with the hostname of the server it was sent from. Is there anyway we Exim can determine where mail is being sent from (ip-wise) so our...
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    What would interest you most?

    Hi Guys, Just trying to see what kind of 3rd party software people might be interested in if it were for sale. [list=1] Instant Account Setup Script Billing/Server Management Solution (w/ integration with paypal/paysystems/2co and multi-server DA integration) Hotmail-like E-Mail System w/...
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    Turning safemode off for JUST /webmail

    Hi, The title pretty much says it all. I have safe mode turned on globally, but I need it off for UBIAMIAU or whatever the heck it's called to function properly. I've tried turning it off with php_admin_flag safe_mode off in the ip:80 vhost directory in php.ini, I've tried it in a...
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    Setting Exim to log to In and Out files?

    Hi, I'm looking to write a script that parses the Exim mainlog and reports mail counts in/out to mrtg to be graphically displayed. Is there anyway to tell Exim to log to and mainlog.out or similar? Thanks :)!
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    Installing a Shared SSL cert?

    Hey Guys, Have any of you bought and installed a GeoTrust or ChainedSSL certificate (or any cert for that matter) on a DA machine as a shared certificate for ALL clients? I'd like to be able to use one certificate for all client's SSL data. Is it possible that we can do something like this...
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    Reseller pricing and terms?

    Hi Guys, If I were interested in buying 20-25 lifetime licenses, what are the terms for reselling them? Would I have permission to sell a lifetime license to a client as a monthly license, or a yearly license and simply revoke their license when they cancel? Lets just say I buy 25 lifetime...
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    Error Handling

    Hi John, Is it possible that we can get errors to be displayed in a user's custom skin, rather than the default skin? When a user encounters an error in a skin, they're brought to the default skin and it just makes everything inconsistent and unprofessional. Thanks :)!
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    Supported OS: Gamecube

    Nice little easter egg I just found here... If you login to the DirectAdmin client area here on the DA site and go to purchase a new license, you'll find that Nintendo Gamecube is on the list of supported operating systems :). Cool deal! ;)
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    Force user login?

    Hey everyone, I know there's a script on this forum that supposedly allows you to log a user into DA once they enter their details. I made my own version of this script to suit my own needs and I've run into a problem. I'm able to log a user in based on their user + pass (which is input...