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    Proxy over port 443 malfunctioning with SSL

    Hello, In accordance to the following guide, I've installed the proxy and SSL using the other guide. When I don't activate SSL I can access fine, but when I activate SSL doesn't resolve at first and after a few refreshes it redirects to my ip:2222...
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    Images not loading

    Hello, With the use of the KB article, I've managed to run my DA on However when I login the images aren't working unless I move my mouse over them or use CTRL-F5, after which there are still some unloaded images. Does anyone has ever experienced this and can tell me how to...
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    [Poll] Using the default DirectAdmin skin or not?

    Hello, Do you use the default DirectAdmin skin or have you purchased another one and why? Please share your experiences here. Regards, Martijn
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    Can't point to own nameservers

    Hello, I just installed DA and setup nameservers accordingly to the guide here. With this guide I created the nameservers ns1 &, both with a different IP's. I want the domain to resolve on ns1 and ns2, but when I try to change the domain to point to those...
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    Email confirmation

    Hello, It would be great if DirectAdmin would send a confirmation email when they recieve a support email or an inquery through the safe-submit form. I myself just sended out a message through the form about 2 hours ago, but there is just no way that I can know if they recieved it. So please...
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    Didn't recieve client password

    Hello, I've ordered a DirectAdmin license through my VPS provider and he only gave me the ClientID and the LicenseID. He said that I should contact him if I would for example want to change the OS for DirectAdmin to work with, however I rather have the password but I also know that he won't...