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    updating: not sure who's dealing with this one

    I am trying to do some update_versions now and it can't connect: hmmm... 9:54AM 1/11/2010 I figured I can notify you in case it was some major issue. --10:12:17-- (try: 9) =>...
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    ... a Story :)

    Here it comes ... as probably not much people worry about backups of their servers... running servers with DA, etc... hmmm so where I am going with this? So, you probably ask what happened... I believe, yes, I was one of those who as I read some more this forum this week, had server compromised...
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    remove squirrelmail

    hmmm I used custombuild to install everything, but I wonder ... if in options.conf there was squirrelmail=yes, and now I want to remove it.... hmm first I changed that entry to squirrelmail=no.... so hmmm I thought that when I run ./build update_versions it will be removed... however it was...
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    udevd missing. /dev/sda1 missing.

    anyone knows how to fix that....? Debian 4.0 ran: apt-get update apt-get upgrade... rebooted and this shows up: .
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    The following packages have unmet dependencies

    I know this question is not about DA :) but I know ppl are very helpfull here ... so here it goes.... It is kind of pissing me of sometimes ... so probably most of others.... Hopw do you approach this kind of issue:
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    ./build update_versions

    :confused: I ran that command: ./build update_versions I see that: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 expat.h /usr/include/apache make[4]: Leaving directory...
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    gave up .... on: perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

    Ok, I tried to run today apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade and I got this: s1:/etc/default# apt-get upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done The following packages will be REMOVED: locales The following packages have been kept back: linux-image-2.6-686...
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    FYI: Security Support for Debian 3.1 to be terminated

    Just so you all running 3.1 know :)
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    smtalk: I found the config file.... /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/configure/ap2/cert_config I believe, you've done it the way so we can set that up whatever way we want and when we recompile apache, those variables will be used for creation of our apache cert.... true?:p
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    Ok, this might be a bad Thread.... I don't even know if I can do that this way.... but... if I should remove it .... please let me know, PM me.... whatever.... As I have a problem stated in the thread.... with Segmentation Fault ....blah blah blah, read if interested... I am so desperate for...
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    apache2.2 and --with-debug=yes

    I recompiled my Apache2.2 with the option --with-debug=yes.... googling for some documentation and nothing..... found that... but there is no the kind of variable.....and apache liked that... no complains during the recompiling...
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    [FAQ] Zend Optimizer - Install/Uninstall

    from Zend website:
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    Apache2.2 + php5.2.3 and WHMCS ....? anyone? problems?

    Anyone is running WHMCS in the configuration...? Do you experience "Segmentation faults" when WHMCS tries to talk to DA.... thank you for answer...
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    php 5.2.3 downgrade to 5.1

    I used custombuild to install my php5.2.3 and apache2.2 .... is there some easy way I could downgrade it to 5.1. .... I need to test something .... and I am not sure if that is the php 5.2.3 version problem or something else.... thank you for response