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    exif on PHP 4.4.x and Apache 2.0.x

    I'm trying to enable exif on PHP 4.4.x and Apache 2.0.x. I found this "guide" for it: I guess I don't have to download anything, because it's php 4.4.6 But since the post is like 3 years old I'm nervous about the effect on my apache. I ve broken apache before, and I don't want to go though...
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    I'm not receiving *some* mail

    Like this guy, I'm not receiving mail from some domains. One of those "unlucky" domains happens to be my reseller account on another server. I have no shell access on that other server, but a support rep did some testing for me. He telnet to port 25 of my DA server, and it went ok. Trace route...
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    Yet Another Spam thread (Exim + Spamassassin)

    OK, I installed Spamassassin and it's working (mails are getting tagged). But now, I want to add the following rule: "Emails with a score of 15 or more, delete" So, my question is: Can I do this using *only* exim and spamassassin? If so, How? If not, What should I use? procmail? mailscanner...
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    Running 2 web servers, 1 for dynamic and 1 for images

    On my never-ending quest to optimize my server, I found out about However, to really take advantage of its features, they advice to run 2 web servers, one for dynamic content (php, mysql) and one for images (thttpd, boa or lighttpd). Is that even...
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    weird issue regarding perl

    This is my 4th installation of directadmin. Mostly bacause newbie errors from yours truly. That said, my problem now has to do with perl. I have this mailing list script called dadamail. Usually i have to reinstall it everytime I change servers. This time was no exception. After doing...
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    task.queue not beeing executed

    At first I noticed my (at /var/log/httpd/domains/) with a size of 2 gigz. That, as you know, causes a few problems with apache. I checked my directadmin_cron, and everything seems ok: * * * * * root /usr/local/directadmin/dataskq 2 0-23/6 * * * root echo...
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    Downgrade Nightmare ... and now DA won't start!

    After a few months running this server, optimizing became inminent. So I went here to read about how to do it. Then, I searched each step in this forum, so I'd follow the DA-way .. 1- the my.cnf went fine 2- Turck MMCache was no biggie But then, I read that downgrading to Apache 1.3 would be...
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    Perl Script Help

    I'm an old customer of the mailling list software dadamail. Runs with perl, using Mysql if you configure right. Since everything worked well in my last server, I figured I would have to only change the absolute path var. But then, the first error. . 500 Internal Server Error. First I try...
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    Fresh install + recompile apache?

    Let´s say I install DA on a fresh installed RH9 box. .. do I have to run the "Custom Apache Recompile Script"??
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    reinstall DA after updating with yum

    I did a horrible thing. I updated with yum, BEFORE excluding some important stuff. (see here) My box is now cpu hogged. Mysql and apache are draining my resources. Is there a way to solve this? reinstalling DA? will I lose my databases and files?
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    Updated to Apache 2.0.40

    I just updated my RH9 using the fedora legacy project's yum. After a few minutes, everything was updated, Apache included .. to 2.0.40 However, after a few tries, it seems pretty clear that DA won't work with apache 2.0.4 without me doing something first... any ideas?