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    default email account

    My Da updated and he only logs in like Cristel and not but I will make the change you sent and post the result here.
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    default email account

    Good afternoon, so when creating my client's account, directadmin automatically creates a standard email with the username of the example client account ( using the client login, but this default email account my client used her and can no longer log in how to change this...
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    CA Bundle SSL Lets Encrypt

    I'm trying to put a site in a cdn, but in the tutorial has this CA Bundle entry, which in cPanel I think, but in directadmin I can not find the same, does anyone know how do I get the same in letsencrypts ssl, to put in CDN?
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    Renew ssl certificate??

    Good afternoon. Does anyone here know how to make the ssl (Lets Encrypt) certificate automatically renew?
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    Backup restores missing subdomain

    I am restoring a backup account, it has the main domain, and also has a subdomain,, but when I restore it, is like, does anyone know why this error? And how to solve the same? I'm migrating this cpanel account to directadmin.