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    User SSL randomly falls-back to Server Certificate.

    Hi all, I currently run in the following problem. My company has a wildcard SSL certificate. This is installed on DirectAdmin, Exim and the default webroot used for webmail/phpmyadmin. - This works all fine. I have SNI enabled. I have a user running it's own certificate for a particular...
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    Restore backup on different server has other character encoding.

    Hi all, Anyone ever encountered this? 1. I created a backup from a directory containing this file: [root@vps3 public_html]# file -bi index.php text/html 2. When restored on a different server this is the encoding: [root@vps1 public_html]# file -bi index.php text/html; charset=iso-8859-1...
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    force_hostname results in endless loop while running SSL

    Hi all, Since the recent updates something that used to work; does not work anymore. I have SSL for my DA control panel installed. I had both configured: When surfing to: normally got redirected to...
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    DKIM only on the host, not individual domains.

    Hi all, Does anyone know if it could make sense to only install DKIM on the hostname of the outgoing mailserver? Since my mail is sent using: Return-path: <> Received: from user by with local (Exim 4.84) (envelope-from <user>) id...
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    Dependency issue ncftp

    Hi all, I want to give Duply a try to do the incremental backups for my DA machine. However Duply required ncftp, which is installed by DA, but yum is not aware of. Can anyone explain to me what would be the safest way to proceeed? ( I could remove the ignore *ftop* from yum, but will this...
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    Proftpd FTP accounts can not login.

    Hi all, Today I noticed that the ftp accounts created throug "user level FTP Management" did not work for my server. I tried all the things I could google up, but so far still not able to fix this. Now I found this item in the knowledge base: Which...
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    SSL Certificates

    I searched around the forum, and there are enough problems out there with SSL certificates. I found Entrust & GoDaddy offer a Multiple Domains / UCC type certificate. Can anyone tell me if my vision on this is correct: 1 certificate can be used for many domainnames using only one single IP...
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    Want to drop uebimiau

    I recently switched webmail/ to point to Roundcube. After that I got customer complaing they miss e-mail, those are stored in uebimiau. Is there an easy way to convert the uebimiau .eml files back to the Maildir structure? Regards, Armand
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    dataskq not running task.queue

    Hi all, Yesterday I ran ./build update_versions by accident in my custombuild. ( Just wanted to download latest versions. ) I think something broke during that process, because this night my backups did not run on this server. I noticed the following: Two files...
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    Strange mysql.sock error / Fixed but Still

    Hi All, Since 2 months I have an external server @ a dedi-farm. They installed Debian 5.0 and I installed DA on it. So far so good, however after some issues with applications not being able to connect to the socket (offcourse during my holliday) I tried to quick-fix it. Now I am very...
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    PHP build - this version of PCRE is not compiled

    I rebuilded a PHP from source because of a missing php-imap module on that server. It is a Debian 4.0 (yeah I know, old) running php5. After the ./build php n I got php-imap working. I however got a new problem: Warning: preg_replace_callback() [function.preg-replace-callback]: Compilation...
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    FATAL: kernel too old

    I cleaned up an old running machine, which I offcourse, recently disabled in the backup cronjob because of high server load. The machine hasn't beed updated in ages, and this week I updated some items in directadmin. Now I received an e-mail stating: A new message or response with subject...
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    Backup Restored, no reseller in the list?

    Hi all, I needed to restore a box from backups (don't do this to often) Now I restored the user called "x" and various other account which were created underneed "x" However, "x" is not listed under "list resellers" and thus I can not assaign an IP to it :-/ How can i make "x" a reseller again?
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    An other darn IP thread.

    Hi all, I can't seem to fix this and since it is a common error I keep hitting unresolved solutions trough Google. I just installed two fresh DA boxes, everything works fine, and each box has two IP addresses. Example: Box 1: <-- server ip Box2: <-- server ip...
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    Aptitude versus Custombuild

    Heya All, I recently installed DA on an Debian Lenny System. Works fine, I however noticed that Apt is giving me the following additional lines: The following NEW packages will be installed: libcap1 libmysqlclient15off libpq5 mysql-common proftpd-basic proftpd-mod-ldap proftpd-mod-mysql...