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    Bulk action, automate activation HTTPS

    Thanks for the quick reply! We will look into that.
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    Bulk action, automate activation HTTPS

    Hi, We want to do a bulk edit on ~150 domains. The problem we have is that these domains don't have valid HTTPS connections (no SSL certificate). So when you browse to a domain you are using a HTTP connection. And we want to force a HTTPS connection with a Lets encrypt certificate. You can do...
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    PHP-FPM and OpCache - but enabled for specific domains

    I got a fresh DA installation with custombuild 2.0 ( upgraded from 1.x ) with Apache + php-fpm for PHP5.3 and 5.4. I got OpCache (Zend Optimizer plus) installed, steps are allmost the same as APC. My question is not about the installation but my solution in enabling OpCache for specific...