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    Remote mySQL server and local host

    Hi, I am going to install a remote mySQL server to lower the load on one of my DA boxes. I will do it this way: - Install the same version of mySQL on the remote server - Stop mysqld on DA server - Copy all the files on /var/lib/mysqld/ from DA to mySQL server - Create da_admin user on...
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    Preventing user from using the server IP to access their website

    Hello, I would like to provent users from accessing their website using the server IP: I would like to stop this. Many people profit from this possibility to link to illegal material or pishing pages without having to buy a domain name somewhere. Thank you for your...
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    A process called php generating a huge load

    Hello On my servers, a Direct Admin process called just "php" is generating a HUGE load and sometimes crashes on my servers. Here is the process in action: root 31156 0.0 0.0 5792 1176 ? S 23:01 0:00 crond root 31157 0.1 0.0 6640 1488 ? SNs 23:01 0:03 \_...
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    Is it OK to have /tmp mounted with noexcec, nosuid ?

    Hi On my new server, I created a /tmp primary partition and mounted it with noexec,nosuid to avoid to have malicious executable on the /tmp directory. However, I don't know if it is ok for Direct Admin to install and run with this configuration. Do you have any information about?
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    Time to choose: 32 or 64 bits Os

    Hi, I have finished building my fastest servers, Xeons 64, plenty of RAM... etc Early this week, I will ship it to the Data Center. I can't install Direct Admin from home du to licensing restrictions. The big question is if I should install CentOs 32 bit or CentOs 64 bit. As my CPUs supports...
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    HP-UX / Itanium

    Hello I would like to install an Itanium server. These machines works very well with with their specific HP Linux, called HP-UX. Can I install DA on such Linux? Thank you for your help
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    Do you know this host: isc_socket_create: not enough free resources

    Do you know this error - host: isc_socket_create: not enough free resources Hello, I have found this error on my server's Apache logs: host: isc_socket_create: not enough free resources Do you have any idea about it? The server isn't overloaded
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    Moving users from resellers problem

    Hi, I moved users from a reseller to admin. For this, I added the users name to this list: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/admin/users.list So, the usernames are listed on the admin account but without their domain name, bandwidth usage, disk usage... I have juste 1 colums of users names...
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    Resellers cannot un-suspend accounts suspended by admin

    Hi One intersting problem I have with Direct Admin, is sometimes I must suspend a website hosted my sever and created by a reseller. However, the reseller can make the account work again without any further action. That would be great if the reseller can no longuer remove the suspension if...
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    Where to find mySQL logs?

    Hi Do you know where are located mySQL logs on Unix servers? Thank you
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    PHP doesn't work from subdomains

    Hello Some of my customers repported that PHP their PHP scripts doens't work from subdomains. I mean, if the page is called: The PHP works fine, but if they type the subdomain link on their browser, it doesn't work: Gives a white...
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    my server rejecting all incomming emails

    Hello Hope someone can help me here. I tried everything before writing. My server is refusing all incomming emails. People can send emails, my all emails sent to them are bounced with this error message: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you...
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    Reseller DNS and IPs

    Hello, I pay $20 if someone can help me to solve this problem. You don't have to go into any server, just indicate the solution by PM or post. > The problem: ------------------- I have many resellers on my Direct Admin servers. Each reseller has a domain name and its own set of 2 DNS based on...
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    Cron job abuse - Prevent user forom using crons at their discretion

    Cron job abuse - Prevent user from using crons at their discretion Hi, May be someone can help me. I have a server with hundreds users. I works fine but users are abusing from cron jobs. Some have 2 Gb data and launch a daily backup. This leads to server overload and eventually crashs. I...
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    Exim Problem: exim dead but subsys locked

    Hi, Do you know how I can solve this problem: Exim refuses to start on a server with Debian. May be I have install it again. Do you know hot I can re-install exim? Thank you for your help.