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    MySQL problem

    Hello, I just saw that we can uwe the custombuild script to update mysql but there went something wrong... I use DA on Debian 3.1 So, I updated MySQL to 5.0.45 but now mysql won't start... When I do: /usr/local/mysql-5.0.45-linux-i686/support-files/mysql.server start I get this: Starting...
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    build all

    Hello, Today I dit a new build all because I updated MySQL. Now I get everytime this error: Build complete. (It is safe to ignore warnings about tempnam and tmpnam).
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    Mysql update

    Hi, I have tried to upgrade mysql on my debian machine with: Now Da shows 5.0.15 but phpmyadmin and phpinfo are showing still 4.1.10 (i did ) Can someone help me? (Sorry for my bad english :o )
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    .cgi files

    Hello, I've got an upload script with .cgi files, now I've put these files in the cgi-bin directory but every time I run the script I get an 500 Internal server error, does someone know how I can fix this?
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    Directadmin on Ubuntu

    Hello, Is it possible to install directadmin on ubuntu 5.10 server?
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    Pro FTPd

    Hi, The file /etc/init.d/proftpd is gone does someone have that file for me? Now I can't start proftpd. HELP!!!!!!!!!
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    named reload

    Hi, I have direct admin on a debian machine (and yeah direct admin is complied for it) Now everytime I add a new domain I see in te log, Now this isn't working and now I'm doing it self by logging in with putty (ssh) on the server as root and I give the command and then it works fine for...
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    Hi, Every night I get as Admin an message that says that I have to change my hostname by using the script, when I do that is says: -------- Can't open /etc/sysconfig/network: Onbekend bestand of map. -------- It's a Debian server and DA is comlied for it.