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    Does anyone want my hosting / domain reseller biz?

    over 200 domains across 2 directadmin servers most of whom do not pay as I haven't billed them. But there's na opportunity for someone who wants to spend some time making contact and getting them into whmcs or similar. I'll give it away. I just don't have the time to talk to people about it...
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    Can't send email Off the server using PHP mail()

    Yesterday my server underwent some health checks (thanks Martynas ;) ) one of which included upgrading exim from 4.60 to 4.66 using the rpm from Ever since then my webstores cannot send receipts to users that do not reside on the server (ie...
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    What is this? Relay? Spam?

    I'm seeing this from random domains in my exim_mainlog 2006-10-23 17:09:14 1GbOpC-000Bfw-Ka ** F=<>: Unrouteable address 2006-10-23 17:09:14 1GbOpC-000Bfw-Ka error ignored 2006-10-23 17:09:14 1GbOpC-000Bfw-Ka Completed Doesn't it seem strange that there would be an...
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    Majordomo wont deliver outside the server.

    I know this has got to be a setting but the settings might as well be in a different language. But maybe I'm mistaken with this. I make a list under a domain with 4 local addresses (hosted on same server) and 1 external address (a gmail account). I send a test email to the list and watch the...
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    DA not creating useable FTP Users... what???

    OK I have a user that has 3 domains under his main login. The original domain can of course be FTP'd to by using the Direct Admin User that owns the 3 domains. However if I create an FTP user under it shows up in the list of FTP users as user when it should show as...
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    Moving sites.. change TTL or SOA?? help

    I'm in the process of moving about 100 domains from one datacenter to another. Both machines are running FreeBSD 4.11 and DirectAdmin. I would like to copy the sites over and then change the DNS records in DirectAdmin and have it point to the new server. The problem is I want this to happen as...
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    I need Coldfusion. Must I switch to Linux?

    I'm consolidating some sites off of the dreaded Cobalt Raq4's (since they are kicking the bucket with regularity now) and I have a few sites using ColdFusion. I searched the forums here and PMed the guy that seems to have it working on Linux but no response yet. Big question is.. Does anyone...
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    Is there a "How To: Install DA" for FreeBSD?

    Hi guys, I've got two new servers with no OS that I really need to get up and running. I was going to wait for FreeBSD 5.3 to be "supported" by DA. But I don't get the sense that it is going to be done soon. So I've decided to go with FreeBSD 4.10. Now I've set up 2 servers like this before...
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    Direct Admin Bounties ?!?

    This thread got me thinking about setting up a bounties section for DA improvements or plugins. The thing is for those who've been writing plugins and add-ons it would be great to get them some monetary compensation/motivation. Take a look at the Horde Bounties page. I know that I would pay...
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    Questions about Spamassassin sending spam to a folder?

    OK so I like the idea of the spamassassin controls inside DA but when I choose to send spam to a specific folder it filters te test mail I send but then I don't know where they go. What folder is it trying to send mail to? This is not obvious. It seems like it should create a spam folder but it...
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    Who's Jim? And why does he own my apache build?

    OK this is strange to me. /usr/local/directadmin/customapache/apache_1.3.31 is owned by Jim and group Staff. What in the world is this? Who is Jim? thanks brandt
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    some users getting copies of the same email over and over. ???

    I have a few users that are receiving the same emails over and over. As in at least once a day and sometimes more then once. None of them seem to be legitimate emails. Mostly spam. Is there a place where these could be bouncing around? I don't understand the frozen and retry stuff very well...
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    Direct Admin + JL's Spamblocker Integration?

    Now that the new exim script for DA is including Jeff's Spamblocker exim.conf is there any way to handle adding domains to be blocked by SpamBlocker through the interface? Right now I'm manually adding domains to /etc/virtual/blacklist_domains but it isn't working and there is no response over...
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    Forwarders deleted and aliases file cleared out. BUG?

    I'm not sure exactly where to put this but I'll try it here. This is related I'm sure to this thread THREAD which got no response rom support. This may even be a skin problem but I don't know so I'm posting it here. I'm running FreeBSD 4.8 with Direct Admin 1.22.4 and I'm running the enhanced...
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    SSL On domain has gone from working to none working... ???

    OK here's the issue. I had a site with a working SSL cert from then the reseller "accidentily" switched the domains IP Address to a shared one. This obviously killed the SSL functionality. So then I changed the IP address back to it's own and tried to get things working again. No...