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    php-fpm cpu usage problem

    Hello guys , I don't have many visitors on my wordpress website but today I saw that my website is down and not loading . I logged in to my centos server and using top command I saw that php-fpm cpu usage was 100% and it was stucked on 100% . After I rebooted my server everything is back to...
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    How can I change character encoding to utf-8 ?

    Hello guys , Whenever I want to edit a php file and the file has Arabic or Persian characters , Directadmin can't understand those characters and replace them with some unusual characters . How can I change directadmin editor to support utf-8 without breaking anything ? Regards ,
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    Need help regarding clamav

    Hello guys , I'm new to directadmin . Is clamav installed by default ? Is it activated or do I need to activate it myself ? If so is there any tutorials for that ? I'm looking for a piece of software that can prevent viruses . What do you suggest ? Regards ,
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    Need help with domain alias

    Hello guys , I currently have an alias ( ) in the domain pointers section of my panel . when I add the second alias ( ) , it redirects to the first alias . I don't want any redirects here and I want the aliases to work separately . what am I doing wrong here ? Regards ,
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    Need help with SMTP email account

    Hello guys , I have a script that sends emails to my clients . When I was using cpanel it was working correctly but since I moved to directadmin , it has stopped working . I created an email account in my panel and after creation , it gave me the address of SMTP server . What is the port number...
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    Need help with opcache

    Hello guys , I used custombuild to install opcache on my server . Should I do something else in order to activate it on my websites ? I mean should I edit any config files to include opcache? How can I confirm it's working? Regards ,
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    Is my apache cpu usage normal?

    Hello guys , Using top command , I can see that when I open my website , cpu load reaches 6 and then it goes back to 0 . Is it normal ? Should cpu load increase 6 units on each visit ? Does it mean that if 10 people visit my website at the same time , I will have cpu load of 60 ? Is there...
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    Need help with Apache MPM

    Hello guys , I installed directadmin yesterday and I have a problem with Apache load . Does directadmin use prefork MPM by default ? I would like to change Apache MPM but I have two questions . 1 ) Between worker and event MPM , which one is better ? I heard worker can handle many connections...