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    Permision of /var/www/html

    I have a problem with apache. The directory /var/www/html is no longer accessible (webmail, phpmyadmin, all...) I have a 403 error. I tried to give the command chmod-R 755/var/www/html webapps.webapps chown-R /var/www/html The result does not change. I use suPHP. What can I do? :confused:
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    Probem on mysql after update directadmin

    yestrerday i have update directadmin from version 1.36 to 1.37. On Control Panel User Level, if click on MySQL Management i have this message: Program Error Details A segmentation fault has occurred in the log error i have this: 110128 12:50:32 [Note]...
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    Problem user and reseller move

    how can I move users from a reseller to another reseller? Thanks
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    Problem with DA-PgSQL v0.5.2 and PhpExpress

    1) Installed :D 2) I have installed DirectAdmin with php-cgi 4 and 5 (default) :) 3) I recompiled apache as attachment file_1.txt :) 4) install postgresql from APT (debian etch) :) 5) run the command after it bought Da-PgSQL: ./
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    Is it posible move reseller to user?

    i can move a reseller to user? and move the clients under a reseller? Thank you
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    help me....PDO_MYSQL not works.

    I searched all over the forum but is not howto that works on installing pdo-mysql. I did the installation "2" with apache2 and php5-cli. configure.php5 in the file I added all options on the forum "- with-mysql = / usr / local / mysql" or "- with-mysql = shared ".... the system can not find the...