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    FR Certificate API for DA

    Hi All, Can we have an additional set of tools in the DA API ? Nice and simple and we can help with it :) Check DA Version Create Keys Creaste CSR Install Cert Backup Cert Backup Keys Remove Cert Remove Keys Thanks, Chris
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    Master reseller setup??Hi All,

    Hi All, Does or can DA be used for setting up a Master reseller model, we have a question that an admin (DA) wants to have resellers that just have customers, and a Master reseller, that can have resellers as well as customers? Or is it cPanel only? Chris
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    Creating a reseller of a reseller

    Hi All, I have the following scenario who can give me a nod in the right direction ;) : I need to create a reseller, and give him/her reseller rights to use on, basically a sudo of the admin user but without all the gadgets to fek up!! I have a client, non techincal (or at least she thinks...
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    DA up for sale to SWSOFT?

    Hi all, I have heard a rumor (really hope it is just that) that SWSoft are pitching for DirectAdmin JBMC ?? Can we have some clarrification from John or anyone on the main team? Thanks, Chris ps. I really hope that it is a rumor as SWSoft support it total s**t!!
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    Remove domain if user name doesnt exist

    Hi all, OK, firstly went to change the username on a user account (not reseller or admin type accounts) using the script in scripts directory ( example example1). This died half wat through on trying to start mySQL for some reason... Anyway the main admin screen still showed...
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    Auto DNS over 2 boxes and Managed DNS

    Hi all, I had a quick shifty and couldnt find anything so thought I would ask... The 2 questions are: Dual DNS on 2 different servers automatically and Managed DNS services only. Question 1: On creating a domain in DA, is there any way that DA can auto create the DNS on another server so...
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    Updateing to latest version

    Hi all, Just set the update to do, went to queue, then received the following response to it: Subject: *** An error has occurred while trying to update the software *** Today at 14:26 This is an automated message notifying you that an error has occurred while trying to update the software...
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    Adding Domain that was once in my user account

    Hi All, Have a domain on a user account, user changed the domain name from .com to .net because of some copyright rubbish, done that through domain administration Added domain ie the .com and got this error: Error Creating Domain Details Trouble with symlink Error Creating Domain Domain...
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    Apache - SSL_MOD buffer overflow problem

    Hi, Can you tell me if DirectAdmin is vunreable to the SSL_MOD buffer overflow problem that is associated with the current BOFRA worm that is going on. Regards, Chris Pelling More information on the Bofra exploit :
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    Sub Domain redirection

    Hi All, After reading quite a few of the posts, and a post for redirection, I need a little clarification. In Da I can do Site Redirections, where I can go from /ipb for instance to -now- that is great, but how can I do it the reverse way for instance...
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    Batch IP addition / Adding

    Hi All, I have just been assigned a block of IP addresses 256( / 24 ). I note I can add IP addresses manually through IP on the Admin page, however is there a simpler way, and quicker and a lot less tiring on my finger tips? :D If it means manually entering command or edditing files, please...