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    Exim not delivering inbound mails ("internal problem in domain_filter router")

    Exim not delivering inbound mails ("internal problem in domain_filter router") Hello I have a strange issue with Exim on a Debian DirectAdmin VPS. All used to work fine until we updated the directadmin licence. The problem is : Exim is not delivering inbound mail into users mailboxes, log is...
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    Koken and "enable http loopback connexions"

    Hello We have a directadmin stack with cloudlinux and installatron running but I am confused with the "Koken" php script. It keeps throwing the following error : The theme is not able to make contact with your Koken installation. Contact your host to see if they are blocking loopback...
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    Is there a new "official" skin in the pipeline ?

    Hello ! I was just looking at the third party skins available at the moment and I seem to remember that I read a few months ago that a new official directadmin skin was being developed. Do I remember correclty ? Anyone has information ? (sneak peak or release date :-) ? )
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    GD removed, mrtg issue ?

    Hello, As from now, gd is bundled into php, so custombuild doesn't builds it anymore. Fine. But I am now trying to install mrtg using the update script or the mrtg install script and it complains about the installation of GD. I did a yum install gd gd-devel but it didn't help. Any idea of...
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    Vulnerability of directadmin ? We got hit by exactly the same issue, as anyone heard of it ? I
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    The "BSMTP input errors" thread

    Hello, I don't knwo if there are other folks here who like me tend to have problems with those BSMTP input errors. I am using -Exim -Spamassassin -Spamblocker2 Last version of each. I have removed the .pre files in /etc/mail/spamassassin. Everything is running smooth EXCEPT sometimes...
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    local users not recieving mail anymore

    Hello, I did upgraded a working system to spamblocker2 and it seems that since then, local users cannot recieve mail anymore. won't recieve mails will recieve. I get no errors in the logs, mainlog looks like the message is processed.. Any ideas ?
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    DA multi server : force zone transfer

    Hello, I am currently migrating accounts and using the multi dns feature. I was wondering if there was a feature to force zone transfer even if there is nomodification made on the domaine. Why ? I am currently migrating accounts following those steps : -backup user from old server -restore...
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    vm-pop3d stops responding

    Hello, It seems that my vm-pop3d is having some problems. When I start it it works OK for 10 minutes and then, it stops responding, If i "telnet myhost 110" I get a "connected to myhost 110" and nothing else (no welcome banner). I have a lot of users on this server (150 accounts) I was...
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    neotech webmail january 2005 update

    Hello, I just saw this : LOOK! My own updated version to UebiMiau 2.7.2 (updated 25Jan05 12PM EST) Updated version now adds PROMPT option to allow user to specify servers on login screen (Suggested by - Thanks!), and a few other things. See CHANGELOG.TXT...
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    [request] Easy Reseller's user backup for server admin

    It would be very nice for us if we could backup our resellers and all their sub users from the general admin panel. I mean, have an option do run and/or shedule a backup of all the users of reseller : admin reseller1 reseller2 ... all from the admin panel.
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    spamassassin uri(bl)

    Hello, Is anyone using this module for spamassassin ? Any idea how I can implement it with the standart exim /da / jlasman mail configuration ? If I have properly understood, creating a global file for spamassassin would overrride user prefs set up in the DA spamassin interface.
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    List of cursed directories by httpd.conf

    Hello, It is not the first time I have a customer complaining about not being able to acess his files but having everything set up properly. The problem comes from the fact that he created and stored his files in a directory that is aliased by default by apache. I have foud the two following...
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    Problems with the quota and disk usage reporting

    Hello, I have set up my partition as follows : / , ext3, 40 go /home, ext3, 80 go Quotas are enabled on both partitions and when running /usr/bin/repquota /home ans /usr/bin/repquota / I get numbers that sounds correct. The problem is DA is not reporting used space by users correctly. I...
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    Limiting the numbr of req / sec by user

    Hello, Recently one of users had his page scanned by googlebot, and it generated up to 130 req / sec, throwing our server on the knees and crashing. The only thing I could do (after spending hours to find where was coming the load from, I was thinking about a ddos..) is suspend his account...