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    SMTP/IMAP Connections failing

    Do you was try with thunderbird / outlook in your computer for make sure if any different with your android phone ? i have same case like you few month ago if we used google dns in our phone we cant connect or add mail in android but if used standard dns carrier operator it work.
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    ModSecurity: OWASP vs Comodo

    So far i used comodo because OWASP too many conflict with script :) .
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    Question: How to run apache on port 80, but only on specific IPs? (feature request?)

    you can change apache port different than 80 but browser cannot recognize because standart http port is 80 , so it wont opened in browser except you write url ending with port ex : maybe you can use 443 ssl port for your sites and port 80 used for another service.
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    [Release] Rspamd web interface plugin for DirectAdmin - v0.1

    Hi alex we have an issue with rspamd plugin in directadmin . if we open rspamd plugin from control panel show red error notice like this . can i know how to fix this. Module loading error: timeout, module: d3pie,d3,d3evolution,footable,bootstrap
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    Modsecurity in ols

    @smtalk after some modification rules in chain and ctl:removeByID now it work :). and for geoip rules still not working xixi 😁 . but its ok i will try use based @ipmatch from whitelist db.
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    Modsecurity in ols

    @smtalk yes i think like that . maybe i try later with nginx for test.
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    Modsecurity in ols

    Hi .. we have some issue in modsecurity rules with openlitespeed . Anyone know did openlitespeed support for modsecurity functions like chain rules , ctl:RemovebyID and seclookup geoip ? We try some rules using that functions and working well in apache but looks not working in openlitespeed...
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    Auto SSL lets emcrypt for new account

    Hi .. anyone know how to automatic setup lets encrypt ssl for every new created account. so if any user created new account and lets encrypt automatic enable and issue ssl thanks
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    change default php1_mode

    Hi .. if i change default php1_mode to php 7.3 and before was have php 5.6 as default or have php 7.2 before , did all user will force to used 7.3 or still used previous php version 5.6 / 7.2 ? if will force change to 7.3 how to keep default setting to user have php version like before ex : php...
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    Setting global inodes max all users

    Hi .. anyone know how to set global max inodes for entire user in directadmin. i see inodes can be set per packaged reseller but this value will substract reseller inodes from all account under that reseller i want set global inodes without set in reseller inodes. but we cant find option to...
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    htaccess redirect issue

    Hello did anyone have same issue with htaccess redirect? i have an issue for subdomain redirect 1. in redirect menu in control panel only path directory can set for redirect and for list subdomain was i created before not add in there. of course we can set directly in htaccess but i...
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    DirectAdmin cPanel skin ?

    You can play little bit with evo themes and of course its easy to make that skins like cpanel one . evoX2 , Dark skin & Blue One :)
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    unable restore disk quota exceed

    Helo .. anyone can help i am having issue when try multiple restore files some user backup have an error disk quota exceed we have adjust packaged in cpanel before backup and make sure quota user is enough to their packaged . but still error quota exceed