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    DirectAdmin 1.62.0 Release Candidate 2

    Great to see the Pro Pack coming along, I don't suppose you've got a rough ETA on the advanced GUI for account migrations, and the backup system yet?
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    Pro Pack?

    Is the Pro Pack migration GUI going to include the ability to migrate from cPanel servers, preferably 1-5 accounts at a time? Any idea when the pro pack comes out?
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    Connect DirectAdmin server to cPanel DNS cluster servers echo "action=rewrite&value=named" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue I don't know if that will affect any custom records though?
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    Pro Pack?

    rpm/deb upgrades for Apache/PHP would be great as part of a pro pack, along with incremental backup/restore, end user being able to restore folders/files/databases as they can in Jetbackup.
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    Connect DirectAdmin server to cPanel DNS cluster servers

    I've just updated this to fix numerous bugs I found now we need it for production, got a few more to go but it's a lot more reliable now in case anyone need this. Let me know if you find any bugs too of course.
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    Can I request that DA creates a sticky thread here please with a roadmap of what feature requests you've accepted or other features you are planning to add? Not expecting ETA's or anything, just what to expect in the next version or two. Some of us are planning migrations but looking for...
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    cPanel -> DirectAdmin script development

    Following on from lots of offers of help here: I'm starting to think no one person is going to do it regardless of $$, so it'll have to be a community effort. Basic concept is this: 1) Do a yum update and reboot, make sure cPanel is up...
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    Connect DirectAdmin server to cPanel DNS cluster servers

    If you're not keen on just rsyncing whole zone files or running other daemons etc, here's a script I wrote to connect a DA server to an existing cPanel DNS cluster. It still needs further work for things in the TODO list but it is functional. In case there's some people that want to at least...
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    Bulk add domain pointer script

    Trying to make script to add in domain pointers from a textarea field: $data_array = explode("\n", $_REQUEST['domains']); for ( $i=0, $size = count($data_array); $i<$size; $i++ ) { $mydata = $data_array[$i]; $sock = new HTTPSocket; $sock->connect('',2222)...
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    Apache 2.2 module list

    Hiya, Where abouts in the httpd conf files does it say which modules to load as it does in 1.3? I cant seem to find any reference to the modules etc anywhere, just the php module. Nick
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    Mod_perl issues

    I try to build mod_perl and get this: host# ./build mod_perl Found /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/mod_perl-2.0.3.tar.gz Extracting ... Done. Configuring mod_perl-2.0.3... Reading Makefile.PL args from @ARGV MP_APXS = /usr/sbin/apxs no conflicting prior mod_perl version found - good...
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    Apache 2.2 worker vs prefork with custombuild

    Hiya, Thought I'd try and install apache 2.2 with worker module instead of prefork, do I just add: --with-mpm=worker \ after line 2363 in the build script? Cheers, Nick
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    Error somewhere in httpd.conf after rebuild apache

    Hiya, After doing a ./build, none of my sites would load. I restored an old copy of http.conf. Then when trying to restart apache, I got errors saying SuEexec etc wasnt recognised in the users included .conf files. So I commented out the lines in the users conf files, and apache starts...