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    mod_cloudflare is nor working with nginx

    Hi I'm using cloudflare dns for a lot of domains. I try mod_cloudflare to get a real visitor IPs in the log file and found that it's not working with nginx_apache. So, I have to switch to 'apache' and it works properly. Just for your information to take a look at nginx to work with...
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    Roundcube can't send to email has ". or _"

    Hi A customer wants to send to an email "" by roundcube but failed. The error is : "An Error Occoured" "Invalid email address:" There is no this problem when I sent the same address at yahoo & gmail. Please advice how to fix it. Thanks & Best Regards
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    How to stop a user to send email through smtp

    Hi Are there any way to stop a specific user to send email through SMTP of the server. Thanks & Best Regards
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    DA sessions is too short (30 seconds)

    Hi My new setup box always auto logout to login page even I'm working with DA. Sometimes change something in Administrator Setting it will be kick out to login page too. I have to re-login again can't use back to the old page again. Please advice how to fix it.
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    How to Create a Reseller Package & Account with 3 ips

    How to create a Reseller Packages with 3 ips. 1 for the domain itself and the other 2 is for the Reseller's NameServer. I try to create one package & a reseller but Failed. I can't add any IP to the creating resdller a/cs. Thanks & Best Regards
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    Is opcache working wih cloudlinux lsphp?

    Hi I installed opcache in CloudLinux lsphp. I see the report it will cach only the domains the report's scripts are hosted. Anyway, for a few moment if I press F5, all cahced files are disappeared and have only 1 file the opcach.php itself. Please advice : 1. any special configuration...
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    Error restoring username's package International: vdomains cannot be 0.

    Restore a reseller and get this error. Resotre failed. Error restoring username's package International: vdomains cannot be 0. -> CentOS 7 -> Server Version 1.48.0 Please help.
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    Requested: Emails user can check his own usage in a web page.

    Hi I have a True Seperated Mail Server as an additional service for some customers. It works fine wih DA. Anyway, some users have more than 30 emails a/c and it's difficult for the admin to know in advanced which user's mailbox is nearly full. I may be don't know DA has this feature or not...
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    rsync gives errors

    I try to transfer 50 GB user data to a new server with rsync. I get this erros: I'm at the new server ip.ip.ip.NEW and access this command as root: Both servers have rsync command by fresh installation. Any additional files I have to modify to enable this feaures? Please help. Thanks & Best...
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    How I can Making Daily Backup as .tar not tar.gz

    Hi Please inform how to use DA Backup to make xx.tar file instead of .tar.gz to reduce the server load. Thanks & Best Regards
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    where is /etc/init.d/pure-ftpd in CentOS 7

    Hi I can't find /etc/init.d/pure-ftpd in CentOS 7. Where is the file I can add : OPTIONS="${OPTIONS} --fscharset=iso-8859-15 --clientcharset=big5" to enable UTF-8 for FTP. Thanks & Best Regards
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    How To install Multiple Domains SSL in DA.

    Hi It says it requie a staic ip. SSL install can't start
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    How To install Multiple Domains SSL in DA.

    Hi I tries for weeks to install "POSITIVESSL MULTI DOMAIN" in the server but I'm still failed. Anyone has succeeded installing this SSL please provide a HOW TO for all users. Any advices are welcome too. Thanks & Best Regards
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    Admin Backup Transfer issue : Error while downloading

    Hi I try several times with this box but it always failed from downloading a backup file from Backup Server. All servers runs smoothly except this one. The different is the problem server is 32 bits (Centos 6.5 - 32 bits) Ram 2 GB. The error message is : Subject: An error occurred during the...
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    Can nginx works with FastCGI

    Hi Can I use nginx with fastcgi php mode or it must be only php-fpm? Thanks