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    Evolution Italian Translation

    Lingua italian Dove posso spedire la traduzione completa? Spero possa andare bene
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    Problem custon PHP FPM

    Goodmorning everyone. I installed on server in production, before it was: php1_release 7.0 FPM php2_release 5.6 FPM Now instead php1_release 7.0 FPM php2_release 5.6 FPM php3_release 7.3 FPM php4_release 7.2 FPM Result, very slow server It is no longer possible to access the php customization...
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    Backup all domains only to Mail

    Goodmorning everyone, Is it possible to make a script that only back up mail? How can I proceed to perform this scritp? Can you use this command in this form? original echo...
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    not recognized $domain

    Goodmorning everyone, I'm building a custom script. I do not understand why the ( $domain ) command is not recognized. Basic example: cp testfile.txt /etc/virtual/$domain/ Does not work How can I solve? thank you all
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    How to create a personalized BackUp?

    Goodmorning everyone, how can I create a back-up for each structured client like this: /home/user/domains/ inside the backup folder there are 3 folders: daily weekly monthly Where can I find a script to make a similar backup? Thank you all
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    exim smtp port 25 disable problem

    Goodmorning everyone, I ask for an answer because I do not understand the problem. I changed the setting on the exim.conf file from daemon_smtp_ports = 25: 587: 465 to daemon_smtp_ports = 465 I no longer receive emails. Where am I wrong? thank you all
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    Problem EXIM port SSL & TLS

    Good morning, I have a problem about a new installation of Directadmin. I can not access mail via client (thunderbird etc.) reported error (invalid username or password) if I use ports not (SSL & TLS) I can access I can not help finding a solution you can help me. and this guide does not work...
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    Dns soa problems

    server hosting server dns01 The DN02 server does not have any active multi server configuration, * Receives from DNS01 server
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    Dns soa problems

    Good morning, I set two DNS servers and each one has 2 dedicated IP address. I set the server as described in the following guidelines: This is the configuration I obtained: SERVER HOSTING >>> SERVER DNS1 SERVER HOSTING >>> SERVER DNS2 However...
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    Problem to send mail

    goodmorning, we have an issue sending emails, the problem is that wen a client send an email using the webmail, i'ts all fine, but when the mail was sent from a mail client, the mail figure as the clients IP that is dynamic, and the majority of dynamic ip is blacklisted , so the mail mark as...
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    Problem Mail Spam in to google / live / libero / Outlook

    Hello to all, despite being all set very well. All emails go to spam without reason. I followed these guides and activated correctly: SPF / DKIM / DMARC Email...
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    error install debian 7

    good Morning. clean server without any installation debian 7 --13:37:52-- (try:20) => `/usr/local/directadmin/update.tar.gz' Connecting to[]:80... failed: Cannot assign requested...
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    Problem chmod single site

    I have a problem I have a website that needs some files to 444 we put the file to 444, but the next day and was put by the system 644. how can I ignore the control file only on this site? thank you very much
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    remove server spamc

    I would like to disable spamc by brush nno find nothing shell do not understand very well are not yet practical DA help me please thank you very much
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    webmail to all user

    hello I activated the web mail as described here: But I also need to activate the existing domains, it is possbile?