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    Mail Queue E-Mail Body Chunk

    Hi. I noticed that when I open a mail in the mail list, the E-Mail Body Chunk is empty for all mails in the list. It worked before and I am not sure when this happened (I am not sure about this is related to the latest update of Directadmin)
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    Updating Zend Optimizer

    Hi. My OS is: CentOS 5 32 bit I wanted to update to the latest Zend optimizer version (3.3.3) I performed: Build clean and build update. Looked through the build script and saw that the latest version stated in the script was zend _ver=3.2.8 edited the script to zend _ver=3.3.3 got the error...
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    User Cron

    Hi. I am admin of a server, but a user asked me to set up a cron for him through his user panel. The cron is set, but it will not run. The cron value is as follow 55*** /home/user/domains/ >/dev/null 2>&1 I can run the script directly from...
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    Ftp uppload

    Hi. I have upgraded Directadmin to version 1.31 After the upgrading I noticed that when I uploaded files through ftp (Cuteftp), the ftp server didn’t report back that the file(s) are finished uploading. The files are on the server, but the transfer status shows that the file is not uploaded...
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    recompile modules in php

    Hi. I try to recompile php and according to Directadmin support I shall use: ./build php_ap2 d (my system is CentOS 3.8) When I do this, I got this error message: Done. Making gd-2.0.34... Trying to make gd... cd . && /bin/sh /usr/local/directadmin/customapache/gd-2.0.34/config/missing --run...
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    bandwidth after update to v 1.283

    Hi. I have updated 2 servers to the latest Directadmin release, 1.283. After the update, the total bandwidth in: admin-> [Show All users] only state the bandwidth for email usage. When I open one user and view [details] for bandwidth, all the usage for Apache, Email, Ftp, Directadmin, Others and...
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    few errors after updating to 1.26

    After upgrading to 1.26, I noticed this error in Directadmin Error log: 2005:12:24-10:32:50: File ./data/users/site-name/user.usage has been written to after this process read it. Not going to overwrite it. After investigating a bit, I found that this error was generated when site owner hit...