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    Stuck & Can't Update

    It seems that my previous update did not go well and I am seeing a 'Build process in progress. PID: 14499 (kill) View log' which is preventing me from updating the softwares with available updates. I checked via SSH that the process 14499 isn't running so I can't kill it either. Please help!
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    Compiled PHP 5.5 and 7.1 as FPM but PHP not rendering

    Hi, I just compiled PHP 5.5 and 7.1 using Custombuild 2 plugin but it seems that my websites are just showing up as blank. When inspecting the pages, I am seeing the PHP code so I am guessing its a rendering issue. I am still able to access DirectAdmin so what can be the issue?
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    Alternate Day Backup Error

    I am encountering a weird issue of my daily backups resulting in an error but works the next day. The error I am getting is storage related. Error Compressing the backup file admin.root.admin.tar.gz : gzip: stdout: Disk quota exceeded /bin/tar...
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    Exim Sending Out Spam

    I am seeing spam being sent out by Exim but I can't quite pinpoint where is the issue. 2018-05-11 11:44:02 1fGyyQ-0002rk-10 <= H=( [] P=smtp S=1130 T="11顶级博彩领袖!注册领18⒏綵金咨询企鹅专员【1991966418】王之【336468。com�" from...
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    Weird Error after Upgrading from PHP 5.5 mod_php to 5.6 FPM

    I upgraded from PHP 5.5 on mod_php to PHP 5.6 on FPM. Things seem to have gone well but one of the accounts on the server is still reflecting PHP 5.5.38 somehow. When I did a 'php -v' on SSH, the info appears to be correct. How can I fix this? [root@server /]# php -v PHP 5.6.33 (cli) (built...
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    OpenVPN Unable to Open DirectAdmin Login Pages

    I just signed up for an OpenVPN service but it seems that I can access cPanel login pages, I am not able to access DirectAdmin login pages. Is there a specific setting that I need to set in OpenVPN in order to manage my DirectAdmin servers?
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    mod_php & php-fpm PHP Versions

    I tried to install PHP 5.5 on mod_php and PHP 7.0 on php-fpm together with mod_ruid2 for my server. However, it seems that after installation I can't seem to get PHP 7.0 working for accounts that I have set php1 to PHP 7.0. Any idea if I did anything incorrect?
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    403 Forbidden Error

    Hi all, I re-compiled PHP and Apache recently and suPHP seems to have screwed up file permissions. I managed to resolve the file permissions issues but now my main domain on the 'admin' directadmin user account is showing error 403. (13)Permission denied: /home/admin/domains/.htaccess...
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    Updated Apache But Error 500 Started

    I just updated Apache for one of my VPSes. After which, I started seeing errors in the following error in my logs for a WordPress project that I was working on. options +includes (or includesnoexec) wasn't set, includes filter removed I am currently running Apache 2.2.31 and PHP 5.5.38. Any...
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    Problem Compiling PHP with XMLRPC

    Hi, I was trying to re-compile PHP after adding '--with-xmlrpc \' to the config file. However, it doesn't seem to be working for me as I kept encountering the same PHP warning. PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library...
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    Backup Error

    I am getting this lately during daily backups. I checked for the table but it really doesn't exist anymore. Any help is much appreciated.
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    SSL Configuration

    I would like to seek opinions on whether the new SSL certs that I purchase should use or It seems to mean a different thing when it comes to SSL. I am not sure which is the industry practice.
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    Possible to Install Multiple SSLs for Admin?

    As the 'admin' user, I have multiple websites that require SSL. I do have the additional IPs required but how do I assign them to specific websites within Directadmin? I seem to be able to assign IPs to the 'admin' reseller only.
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    Email from Gmail and Google Apps Getting Error

    It appears that emails from Gmail or Google Apps accounts are sent but getting bounced by my server with the following error. Any advice and help is greatly appreciated. ;) Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed: [user]@[domain].com Message will be retried for 2 more day(s)...
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    Google Blocking Emails from Forwarders

    It seems that my server IP is being blocked by Google for the following reason that I got from Exim mainlog. SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: host []: 421-4.7.0 [ 15] Our system has detected an unusual rate...