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    subdomain point to different port

    Hello, is it possible to have a subdomain point instead of port 80 to another port where node.js server is running? I tried in custom httpd configurations to set the following: |*if SUB="foo"| |?PORT_80=3000| |*endif| but it seems is not working because when I access for example
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    missing LSB tags and overrides

    Hello, how can I get rid if this message? should I add manually all the tags into my init.d scripts? I saw here that the solution is this but I'm not sure if it safe to remove insserv as I'm getting warned from the system when I try to run apt-get remove insserv Thanks
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    Subdomains treated almost as domains...

    Hello, before I start I'm aware of this post, My request is that subdomains should be isolated from the domains and not be just a folder under public_html folder. A case of example, I create and I don't want it to be accessible from A more realistic...
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    Piwik web stats

    Hello, I tried to find if anyone had already integrated piwik with DA but I didn't found anyone so I think would be nice to have piwik in DA :) Thanks
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    restrict IP access

    Hello, for some domains and/or subdomains I would love to have the ability to restrict the IP's that can access them, I suppose it is not possible through DA so what should I do in order to archive that? Thanks a lot :)
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    PHP 5.3.2 Released!

    PHP 5.3.2 Release Announcement [04-Mar-2010] The PHP development team is proud to announce the immediate release of PHP 5.3.2. This is a maintenance release in the 5.3 series, which includes a large number of bug fixes. Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 5.3.2: Improved LCG entropy...
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    mysql_upgrade: cannot execute binary file

    Hello, I tried to upgrade to the latest mysql version but the installation failed and then when I tried to install the old version again I took this error: server:/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild# ./build mysql Stopping mysqld ... Stopping mysqld: [ FAILED ] Starting mysqld: [ OK ] Giving...
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    CustomBuild 1.2 & PHP 6

    Hello, I have a problem installing php 6 My configuration file for php is this: EDIT: I added this line on my configuration.php6 file --with-icu-dir=/usr/local/icu \ and worked but now I'm getting this error: I added the flag --disable-mbregex in my configuration file for now and PHP...
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    Email Piping to php file

    Hello, I'm using DA v1.33.7 and I would like to create an email pipe that will forward the emails of an address to a php file. For example if I have the email I go to DA email forwarders and I set the following values: Forwarder Name: Destination Email...
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    Site Redirections & Subdomains

    Hello, first of all I like DA very much :) I used cPanel, Plesk and I conclude to use DA :) Something that I loved from plesk is that when I setup a subdomain it actually setup out of domains public_html so the files & folders of the main domain don't mess up with subdomain's. I have a...
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    Debian 5 SVN installation

    Hello, I'm trying to install SVN on my server. I downloaded source code tar.bz2 from here and placed it under /subversion-1.6.3 to compile it. I run "./configure --prefix=/usr --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs --with-apr=/usr/bin/apr-config" But it returned...
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    PHP 5.2.10 upgrade.

    Hello, I successfully upgraded my PHP to 5.2.10 everything works great except that one domain does not work and one subdomain from other domain too :/
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    Debian 5 Mysql 5.0 to 5.1 Upgrade [ERROR]

    This is the error that I'm getting everytime I try to upgrade to MySQL 5.1. I read all posts related to this issue in this forum but nothing helped. I run some commands so they maybe help you guys on helping me solve this issue :) I have two my.cnf files one is located on /etc/my.cnf and the...
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    Php & Imap @ Debian 5 = No ?

    I tried everything but even after successful compile of php with imap extension, imap is not shown on phpinfo and does not supported by any php code that uses Imap extension. Does anyone have similar problem?