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    error while loading shared libraries:

    i have debian 7 os on my server i was installed da v 1.44.3 since 2013 on my server and it was ok today i updated my da from directadmin panel and then my directadmin went down and not accessible buy apache and php and mysql server work true when i want to restart directadmin from ssh i get...
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    low ram usage

    hi my server has 32G ram. i installed directadmin on it last week. the problem i have is that my server ram usage is low than half (15G). and his load is between 3 and 4. its config is hetzner ex40.
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    Problem with server transfer

    hi i bought a new server. i want to transfer my users to new server when i restore users backup which created in admin backups (or reseller backups) directories will restored but databses will not. i already checked, xxxxx.sql file exists in backup tgz file.
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    neither old or new password not work

    neither old nor new password not work hi i have a new problem with da after upgrade debian server to squeeze my users cant login to DA after change password with neither new nor old password but it possible to connect to ftp with new password. please help me
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    mysql majour problem

    Hi I Have a dedicated server with debian 5 and directadmin i moved my sites from old server to the new one by admin backup and any Auto Increment did set to 1 in all databases and i change it to x and reset the server and it backed to 1 i was download backup of db and manually set those to x...
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    Buy License From Resellers

    Hi Is There Any One Help Me? I was bought a direct admin license from a reseller. but he doesn't got me any panel or etc. can any one say that is this true that i mustn't have any panel?
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    beter api refrence

    hi is there posible to presentation of a beter refrence to directadmin`s api that dedcrib all state of result. like that what may be happen when we are try to add a domain pointer in all state. in other hand i mean that it show successfull or unsuccessful results