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    Problem with host lookup in PHP

    I'm experiencing this really strange problem which has something to do with hostname lookups in PHP. When Apache has been running for some time hostname lookups tends to stop working. This is the error message given from a site: Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Unknown MySQL...
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    Redirect localhost:3306 to another machine?

    Is it possible to redirect local mysql traffic to another machine? We need to move MySQL to a dedicated machine without to much trouble for the existing customers. For all of those customers connecting to localhost, would it be possible to tranparently redirect that traffic to the dedicated machine?
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    Disable unix account authentication in ProFTPd?

    How do I prevent users from logging into ProFTPd with their unix account? I have tried "AuthPAM off" but that configuration directive is unknown. I'm running FreeBSD.
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    Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode

    Yesterday one of our server crashed. I logged into DRAC console and rebooted the machine. A few minutes it crashed again so I rebooted once more. Then it crashed again a few minutes later but this time I managed to get a screenshot of the terminal. This is what it said: Fatal trap 12: page...
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    Empty deny message when rejected

    I noticed that on the most recent DA installations the exim mainlog does not show the deny message when a mail is rejected. On our old system it says: But on our newer system it says: I would like to know why this ain't working anymore. It seems like it does work on Exim version 4.53 but not...
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    Only allow SSH with keys, more secure?

    I was thinking of only enable SSH login with keys (and remove password authentication). A simple DA plugin will then be used by the customers for ssh keys administration. The plugin will only accept keys which is password protected. What do you think, will the server be more secure with this setup?
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    Problems with CGI/Perl

    A user tries to run a perl script in her cgi-bin directory but we only get Internal Server Error (classical perl/cgi error message). Her error_log says this: What does it mean by "failed to open log file"?? Which log file? It certainly writes to the vhost's error_log. The cgi-bin directory...
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    Apahce is freaking out

    Apache is freaking out The symptom is very much like the thread "apache high load problems" in this forum but I would like to start a new thread. It happends randomly as it seems, often twice a day. The first thing that happends is that I get an SMS alarm saying the mail server is down or...
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    Forking to background doesn't work!?

    I'm having some problems to fork a process to the background from a DA plugin I'm writing. It all comes down to the following: I have a test.php script which contains: #!/usr/local/bin/php -c /usr/local/lib/php.ini <?php echo system("nohup nice -n 20 /usr/bin/sa-learn --spam --dbpath...
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    High disk usage, why?

    I'm having some problem with one of our servers which reports very high disk usage. I'm using the tool gstat, check output: dT: 0.510 flag_I 500000us sizeof 240 i -1 L(q) ops/s r/s kBps ms/r w/s kBps ms/w %busy Name 9 73 47 501 150.0 25 965 105.8...
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    Free PDF Library?

    Is there any good substitute to PDFLib (a PDF Library to use with PHP)? We don't want to pay several thousand euros for this software just because a few customers needs it. So my question, is there any good alternative out there?
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    Plugin for learning SA, can't read IMAP folders

    I decided to write a plugin for DA with which users can learn spamassassin using mail in any of their mailboxes. I have done the GUI and now it struck me, the IMAP folders are only readable by root. The inbox (in /home/[USER]/mail/[DOMAIN]/) is readable by the user but not any IMAP folder. And...
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    How to centralize phpMyAdmin

    First of all, install phpMyAdmin on a machine where it should run. This HowTo does not cover this procedure. So now we have to make sure that this host is added to every new database that is created. This is done with the custom script My scripts are written in perl so I...
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    Offer several MySQL hosts

    I would really love the feature to be able to offer different MySQL hosts for a DA user. A pseudo mysql.conf: host_1=mysql50.domain.tld version_1="MySQL 5.0" user_1=da_admin passwd_1=password host_2=mysql41.domain.tld version_2="MySQL 4.1" user_2=da_admin passwd_2=passwordThen when I user wants...
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    Default values for SpamAssassin

    Hi, I wrote this in another thread but when I noticed the thread was rather old I though I might dedicated a new thread for the scripts. I have extended the scripts for enabling SpamAssassin by default for new users. I wanted to also be able to add default values for where a spam should be sent...