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    Hello! When translating reseller/edit_message.html, is it possible to change the codepage of the displayed page?
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    KVM virtualization

    Hello! Are Code 500 licenses allowed to be installed on KVM VPSes?
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    Distributing licenses

    Hello! Is it already possible to distribute external licenses to, for example, our consulting clients?
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    Plugin, Reseller and his Users

    Hello! Is there a way for a DirectAdmin plugin to get the list of current reseller's usernames? Thanks.
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    running plugin as root

    Hi everybody, is it possible to run a plugin not as logged in user, but as root? Thanks,
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    [bug] Suspended subdomains

    Hi! When account is suspended, it's subdomains are pointing to unexistent directories. For example, when I suspended account with domain "", it's documentroot was moved to /home/admin/domains/suspended/ and it's subdomain's was moved to...
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    "ticket" authorisation

    Feature request: "ticket" authorisation Good morning. Today I was exploring the technologies of virtualization and I saw, that there is an interesting option in them: when user is authentificated in vps-management panel, he can just push a button and become authentificated in the control panel...
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    Hi! I purchased a DirectAdmin license, payed for it with PayPal. In 24 there was no answer. I wrote to the support, and I have no answer too. So, the week came, when will the license be activated? Boris.