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    Latest Exim RPM's (standard and exiscan patched versions)

    Exim: 4.32 ExiScan: 4.32-19 Upgrade is the normal: wget <rpm> rpm -Uvh <rpm> RedHat 7.x Standard Version - RedHat 7.x Exiscan patched Version -...
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    Google competing with microsoft

    Well.... not really competing with microsoft, rather competing with Hotmail, is this another hint of google putting MS as an overall system down? I think everyone will agree without argument that google is by far the leading search engine out there........ but it certainly seems to be siding...
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    DirectAdmin Version 2 - Discussion, ideas, opinions and anything else!

    There has been very little mention of DA v2, but since its what DA will be soon enough (in a dev's words :D ) I was wondering what you all thought. - What extras / new features would you like to see - What would you like to see chnaged - What do you want to see dropped completely. - What style...
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    HowTo: Disallow access to phpMyAdmin for a specific user

    Simple guide to disallowing access to phpMyAdmin for a specific user: # pico -w /var/www/html/phpmyadmin*VERSION*/ After one of the sections (eg mysql settings) add the section: 'OTHER SETTINGs' ); //block user from logging into phpMyAdmin...
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    'Live' quota updates

    One thing that I think is currently letting DirectAdmin down, we need live updates on quotas! :D Chris
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    Howto: Full DirectAdmin backup

    Edit added 09/23/05 by jlasman: I know this has been posted in a few places, but I can never find it online when I want to refer to it, so here it is: This is the list of files and directories we recommend backing up for a DA restore: Directories: /etc/mail /etc/virtual /home/admin...
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    Os discussion / debate

    Post modified..... what OS should DA look at supporting next... opinions comments anything relating the issue is welcome to be put forward here. Note this is not officially to be used by DirectAdmin although depending on the turn out there may i guess be a possibility :D
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    colocation and rental systems - Discussion

    New thread split from previous ssl discussion - opinions, comments, discussions etc on colo or server rental can go here. Ev1 --- RHEL servers for the same price as plain redhat starting 01/01/04 Cant say a dual xeon 2.0GHz with 2x73GB SCSI HD's 1GB of ram with RHEL and 13+ GigE connections...
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    Suggestion - Forums

    Its been brought up before and nothing has been done / mentioned since so i thought i would bring it back up :) Over the last few weeks especially, a few topics have been created and to me, appear to be in the wrong location, others totally unrelated to DA itself, I most definitely think the...
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    DA-Kiss - DirectAdmin specific firewall based on Kiss v2.0

    KISS Version: 2 DA Specific version: 1 Release: 2 Over the past few weeks i have mentioned a firewall specific for use with DirectAdmin. If you have looked at the recent posts in the DA server checklist, you will have realised the Kiss link was recently updated to v2.0 I have modified the...
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    Ok a problem a user has come across installing MRTG, the file is missing. I know it is part of the libpng package, and believe that is installed by DA. I have had the user check and the libpng RPM is there, so im assuming the install is corrupted in some way or another, I have since...
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    HOWTO: Very easy RPM based MRTG installation

    Before we go into it, this RPM was made by gpan ( and full credit goes out to him for this fantastic script! log into your server as root and follow the information below. # represents a command // represents a comment Disclaimer: The RPM is installed with no warranty of any...
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    Bug: Ticket system tokens

    The problem on user / reseller levels. When a ticket is submitted by a user, the reseller level main screen says: There are 0 new ticket messages. (power user) Message System - 0 messages waiting (default) When i click Message system (in default) or Manage User Tickets (power user) I am shown...
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    Skinning Question

    Is it possible to convert the >> to a » symbol with the tree used in DirectAdmin..... and while im talking about skins: DA-3D currently being developed heavily whilst i have time..... a possible release within the next 24 hours :D
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    Private Messages system

    Can the message quota be increased from 1000? I have just responded to a PM, with neither messages being anything to big and had to remove the quote from the message... quite annoying. Thanks, Chris