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    [Selling] DirectAdmin Lifetime License

    [SOLD] DirectAdmin Lifetime License Hello, I am selling my DirectAdmin lifetime license for $199 USD. The license is transferable. Please PM me for more details. Thanks.
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    Insert adversiting on user hosting

    Hello, I would like insert a banner adversiting on the user hosting, is it possible ? If yes, how to please ? Thank you.
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    use an external secondary DNS

    Hello, Sorry for my bad English. How can i configure directadmin (type A, NS) to use an external secondary DNS please? i must add an "A" type to the ip of the secondary DNS ? i put what ? Thanks you. Regards Alex
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    sub-domain : use 2 own ips or 1 own ip and ns2 of my hoster?

    hello, sorry for my bad english. Is that to create a subdomain from my main domain name for my clients, I must have 2 own ip on my machine, or can I have one ip and use the secondary dns for my dedicated server provider please? Thanks you Regards. Alex
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    subdomain for an user with principal domain difficulties

    Hello, Sorry for my bad english. I have a problem with a subdomain for an user with my principal domain, i explain: I have the domain: I have created an user with a subdomain with my principal domain: A part of the day, this subdomain is down...
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    cron on directadmin panel

    Hello, I have a server on debian with directadmin. Cron is installed and running. When a user add a cron job into directadmin panel, the script is not executed, I have looked logs but nothing about cron and cronjob isn’t on /etc/cron.d/cron_directadmin. i have followed this tuto but i have...
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    cron problems

    hello, Cron doesn't run. i have looked logs but cron seems ok. I have followed ths link: I have always a file in /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue How can fix this problem please? thx. regard. Puma
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    paypal mails blocked in emails queue administration, why?

    hello, i get this problem: On “mail queue administration”, email from are not received by my account, I obtain this error in mail queue administration: 2010-04-03 11:47:57 routing defer (-51): retry time not reached Can you help me please? Thans you ...
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    problem when send mail to hotmail

    Hello, sorry for my bad english. When i want send mails to hotmail, mails go into spam folder. i send low mails to hotmail... i have use senderid form 4 months ago. here, my spf in directadmin: xx can you help me please? thx. regard. PUMA
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    Error with system Quotas

    hello, when i create a new user, i get this error, but the account is created ! eror with centos 5 & i try with debian 5, but same error. how can i fix this error please ? thx regard
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    permission denied when backup

    hello, when i want to backup all files of DA, i go the DA panel -> admin backup/transfer i select by ftp for the transfer, but i get a error message: Subject: An error occurred during the backup. 09/09/2009 User admin has been backed up. ncftpput /home/tmp/admin/admin.root.admin.tar.gz...
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    squirrelmail to roundcube

    Hello, On directadmin panel, how can i set the webmail icon to redirect to roundcube, and not to squirrelmail please ? THX regard.
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    .FR domain doesn't work

    Sorry for my bad english. When i want to point a .FR domain on directadmin, i received a mail from my registrar: Dns update failed, please test is the zone-check succeed I tried to create a secondary root mail account on DA, but same error. How can i fix this error please ? Thanks you...
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    if an user doesn't a domain name ?

    Hello, Sorry if i have a bad english ... If an user doesn't get a domain name, can i create a subdomain with my domain name, but without my account ... ? how please ? Thanks you. Regard Puma